Congratulations to the Class of 2021

On Thursday, April 29, the HIAA department came together to honor our PhD and undergraduate students who are graduating this spring.

We are delighted to welcome five new PhD alumni

Suzy Duff ‘21 PhD completed her dissertation on "The Antwerp Saint Luke's Guild: Its Impact on Artistic Production and Identity, 1556-1663."  Advisor: Jeffrey Muller.

Josie Johnson '20 PhD completed her dissertation "All Eyes on Russia: Margaret Bourke-White's Early Soviet Photographs."  Advisor: Doug Nickel.

Erica Kinias ’21 PhD wrote a dissertation on "Building an Order: Architecture, Space, and Gender in Isabelle of France’s Rule of Sorores Minores." Advisor: Sheila Bonde. 

Emily Monty ’21 PhD has written a dissertation on printmaking in Rome and Madrid: “Printmaking in the Rome of Philip II, 1556-1598.” Advisor: Evie Lincoln.

Bill Skinner ’20 PhD wrote on mass housing and town planning in Barbados completing a dissertation titled:  "Mass Housing with Technical Aid in Welfare State Barbados, 1936-63." Advisor: Itohan Osayimwese.

We also welcome 27 concentrators in Architecture and the History of Art to join us as our newest alumni.

This year we are honored to award four students with the Ann Belsky Moranis Memorial Prize: Madison Hofert, Hannele Hellerstedt, Sophia Otero, and Jack Nelson.

This prize recognizes concentrators who have excelled in work undertaken in the concentration, shown intellectual generosity and curiosity, and taken advantage of the strengths of the department in imaginative ways. Traditionally, the award is given to students who have touched multiple members of the faculty in profound ways, as both deep and rigorous thinkers and as members of our community---students who consistently remind us of why we chose to be teachers. 

Other award winners are:

Liana Chaplain - Best Honors Thesis

Louis Fisher - Best Honors Project

Mara Jovanovic - Outstanding Project 

Theodore Golstein and Amy Lee - Outstanding Papers


Commencement Video