Congratulations to Professor Stephen Houston

Professor Stephen Houston, who studies Mayan art and writing systems and is Professor and Chair of Anthropology, and Professor of History of Art and Architecture has been appointed the 72nd...

PhD candidate, Allison Pappas, wins grant from Paul Mellon Centre

Allison Pappas received a Research Support Grant from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art to complete archival work for the first chapter of her dissertation, which focuses on the development of the paper...

Congratulations to So Jeong Lim and Olivia McCarthy-Kelley

Two seniors have been awarded Rebecca Molholt Vanel Flexible Fund awards to support their honors thesis research. SJ Lim is writing her thesis on a double-sided processional icon, one side of which depicts the hodgetria and the...

Modern Architecture Model Show 2019

Visit the second floor of List Art Building before Wednesday, December 18 to see the wonderful models created by students in Professor Dietrich Neumann's Modern Architecture class. Pictured here is Alexalee Gonzalez' model of Philip Johnson's Glass House.

Professor Osayimwese lecture available online

 On October 31, 2019, Professor Osayimwese delivered her talk, "Writing a Postcolonial History of Modern Architecture and Urbanism in Germany and Beyond," at ETH Zurich.

Modern Architecture show: December 16 at 5 pm

Monday December 16 at 5pm, List Art Building

Join the students in HIAA 0850 for a presentation of their final models! The show will be up through December 18.

Judith Tolnick Champa ('79MA) Curates "ReSeeding the City: Ethnobotany in the Urban"

HIAA friend, and graduate, Judith Champa, has curated a forum and ...

Professor Moser speaks at the 2019 New England Medieval Conference

On November 2, 2019, Professor Moser will give a talk - entitled "The Modeled Body in Medieval Chinese Calligraphy" - at the 2019 New England Medieval Conference. The theme of this year's conference is "Rethinking the Body: Humanity and its...

New England Renaissance Conference Coordinated by Brown Alumni

The 2019 New England Renaissance Conference was coordinated by History of Art and Architecture Alumni, Pascale Rihouet (PhD '08). Suzanne Scanlan (PhD '10) and Lisa Tom (PhD '14) also assisted with planning and organizing. This year's conference...