Fosca Maddaloni


Research Interests: East Asian Art

Fosca Maddaloni has a BA (2013) and an MA (2015) in East Asian Studies from Sapienza University of Rome. In May 2018 she received her MA in Art History at the Institute of Fine Arts (IFA) of New York University, where she has also co-taught survey classes in East Asian Art, as well as Italian and Dutch Renaissance courses. Fosca’s primary focus lies in the study of Song period (960-1279) ceramics, materiality and its relationship with visual culture.  Her research interests include the investigation of transnational networks of exchange, in addition to the nature and role of cross-cultural encounters in shaping artistic endeavors. She also maintains an active interest in contemporary works, in particular for works that manifest both the inescapable reference to the global and the urgency of a retrospective outlook on Chinese identity.