Graduate Students

  • Dominic Bate

    Research Interests: Artistic Practice, Commerce, History of Science, Religion, British Empire, Eighteenth Century
    Dissertation: “Pythagorean Visions: Picturing Harmony in British Art, 1719–1753”

  • Ciprian Buzilă

    Research Interests: Contemporary Theories of Adaptive Reuse, Historic Preservation, and Architectural Revivals

  • Oliver Coulson

    Research Interests: Art, Architecture, and Heresy in Late-Medieval England

  • Jonathan Duval

    Research Interests: 19th-20th Century Architecture, Architecture and Technology, Architectural Education

  • Yannick Etoundi

    Research Interests: African Architecture and Urbanism, Public Humanities in the African context

  • Sophie Higgerson

    Research Interests: History of Architecture and Urbanism, Western Europe, 19th and 20th Century, Historic Preservation

  • Emily Hirsch

    Research Interests: visual and material culture of the early modern Netherlands


  • Isis Kayiga

    Research Interests: History of Architecture

  • Matthew Kluk

    Research Interests: History and Theory of Photography, 19th Century Visual Culture, Photography in Print, Print Culture, Museums and Exhibiting, Conceptual Approaches to Photography

  • Peter Levins

    Research Interests: Modern Architectural History and Theory, Southern Europe and Mediterranean, Southeastern Europe/Balkans, Transnationalism/Borderlands Studies
    Dissertation: "Fascism’s Adriatic Empire: Modern Architecture and the Politics of Culture in Italy’s Interwar Oltremare"

  • Kuan-hung Liu

    Research Interests: Medieval Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, Asian Craftworks and Cultural Exchange, Chemical Analysis of Artworks

  • Fosca Maddaloni

    Research Interests: East Asian Art

  • Margaret Masselli

    Research Interests: Visual and Material Culture of 18th-Century India, Persianate Courts, Mughal Empire, British Empire

  • Regina Noto

    Research Interests: Medieval art and architecture, restoration, conservation, and reconstruction, representations of medieval

  • Allison Pappas

    List 406, Fridays 2-2:50 pm

    Research Interests: History of Photography, Photography Theory, Contemporary Photo Practices, History of Science and Technology, History of Print
    Dissertation: "‘Considered only in its ultimate nature’: Photography between Object and Idea"

  • Mohadeseh Salari Sardari

    Research Interests: History of Art and Architecture in the Iranian plateau

  • Pamudu Tennakoon

    Research Interests: Colonial Architecture, Postcolonial space and Colonial Architecture, Colonial Architecture in South Asia

  • Nainvi Vora

    Research Interests: South Asian Modern Art, Critical Theory, Abstraction, Psychoanalysis, Women's Studies, Global Modernisms

  • Jocelyn Wickersham

    Research Interests: History and Theory of Photography, Feminism and Body Art, Postcolonial Theory, Museums and Curatorial Practice

  • Paul Wu

    Research Interests: History of Architecture, World’s Fairs, Exhibitionary Complex, 19th-20th Century United States


  • Dandan Xu

    Research Interests: painting, religious murals, woodblock prints, print culture in Late Imperial China, artistic exchange within and beyond East Asia

  • Fei’er Ying

    Research Interests: Dynastic Transitions; Chinese Painting Techniques and Aesthetics; Art, Space, and City; Localism and Mobility; Museum and Curatorial Practice.