Gretel Rodríguez

Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture
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(401) 863 2303


Gretel Rodríguez specializes in the art and architecture of ancient Rome. Her work investigates how architectural monuments constituted means of communication between patrons and viewers, looking at issues of space, design, and reception.

Her current book project explores this process with a particular focus on the production and reception of freestanding honorific arches. Dr. Rodríguez received a doctorate in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin. Her archaeological experience includes working for the Oplontis Project, the excavation of a Roman luxury villa and a commercial warehouse in the Bay of Naples. She is currently editor of Roman archaeology for the Database of Religious History (DRH) ( a digital humanities project at the University of British Columbia.  

For more on Professor Rodriguez, please go to her University Research page.