Field Work

Maratha and British Arts in Western India, 1760-1820

Researcher: Holly Shaffer
Professor Shaffer's project conceptualizes the intersection of art, diplomacy, war, prestige, and commerce in western India as "graft”—a term that acknowledges the violent and creative processes of suturing arts, and losing and gaining goods, as well as the shifting dynamics among agents who assembled such materials. By tracing grafted arts from multiple vantage points—Maratha and British, artist and patron, soldier and collector—the book charts the methods of empire-building that transformed artistic production and collection in western India and from there across India and Britain.

Excavation at the Abbey of Tiron

Researcher: Sheila Bonde
Professor Bonde's recent fieldwork at the French medieval Carthusian monastery of Bourgfontaine and at Tiron engages with architectural reuse in the Middle Ages, medieval soundscapes, and with the architecture of monastic reform. 

Architectural and Urban Illumination

Researcher: Dietrich Neumann
For the past 20 years Dietrich Neumann has been fascinated with the illumination of architecture and urban space. His first book about the topic "Architecture of the Night" came out in 2002. His upcoming essay "Space Oddity" focuses on the political and historical reasons behind the unusual appearance of Berlin at night when seen from space. The city still shows a clear difference between the former Communist East and Capitalist West Berlin 30 years after the wall came down.