Summer 2021 Course Offerings

This year the department is offering more First-Year Seminars and summer courses.


Professor Craig Barton will teach "Constructing Memory: The Design of Monuments in the Public Realm" 
(Photo of George Floyd projected onto Robert E. Lee statue, Richmond, VA)

In Summer 2021,  Brown University Architect Craig Barton will offer a First-Year Seminar  “Constructing Memory: The Design of Monuments in the Public Realm,” about cities, people, and what we choose to recognize and commemorate through the construction of monuments and memorials in the public realm. In addition, Evelyn Lincoln offers her FYS, “Illustrating Knowledge,” and Dietrich Neumann will be teaching an undergraduate seminar, “Mies van der Rohe: An Architect and his Time,” based on his newly published books about that architect. Professor of the Practice Julian von der Schulenburg will teach “Introduction to Studio" for those interested in studio architecture.

HIAA courses gathered around thematic groups 


We have gathered many of our course offerings for Spring and Summer into thematic groups to show some patterns of general interest in thinking about why we paint, sculpt, print and build in different time periods, areas of the world, and media. These will change from semester to semester. Below are themes we've selected for the spring and summer courses offered in 2021. Click on the themes to find courses around the thematic area.





Streets | Walls | Public Spaces

Includes courses on public art, architecture and contemporary artists whose work takes place outside as well as on the walls of traditional museums.

Commemoration and Devotion

Includes courses on monuments and architectures that were created as devotional or commemorative, and that intersect with religion and secular life of the communities in which they are made.

Illusion, Religion, Perspective, Imagination

These courses look closely at historical works and ask about such things as the roles of processes, reception, styles, display and interpretation in their creation.  

Design of post office in Providence by Nina Myers '21 created in
Prof. von der Schulenburg's Fall '20 Advanced Studio class.

Tradition | Resistance

Includes classes on the invention of national identity in 19th century American Art, reimagining museums in the US and globally, and criticality as a method of understanding art.