BA/MA Program

A five-year combined BA/MA program is offered to Brown undergraduate concentrators who know by their junior year that they wish to pursue such an option, and have enough credits in the concentration to also be able to complete the MA requirements in their senior year plus one more year.  To arrange such a schedule, the student should meet with the Undergraduate Supervisor as early as possible in the junior year to go over the requirements and to make sure that enough classes have been taken in the proper areas to satisfy concentration requirements.  There is not at this time financial aid available for the fifth year of study.  Along with the 10 courses required to satisfy the undergraduate concentration, combined BA/MA students will also be required to meet the graduate requirements for the MA degree, which include passing an exam in French and German

Requirements for the graduate portion of the combined BA/MA degree:

  • The graduate Methods and Practicum courses, offered in sequential Fall semesters. This will mean that the student will take either Methods HIAA 2920 or Practicum, HIAA 2930, whichever is then being offered, in Fall of the senior year.
  • Eight other courses in addition to the above, of which 6 must be 2000-level graduate seminars or individual reading courses at the graduate level.  Combined graduate/undergraduate courses, or undergraduate courses appropriate to the student’s stated course of study, and modified to include graduate level exercises such as an extensive written paper or other mutually agreed upon project, may be counted towards this number in consultation with the student’s sponsoring advisor and the DGS.
  • A thesis or thesis project arrived at in consultation with the student’s advisor.  To prepare such a project, typically in their final semester at Brown, the student may register for HIAA 2940, Master’s Qualifying Preparation, using their advisor’s section number.  The final paper or project may be a perfected version of a seminar paper or project, and must be accepted by the student’s advisor and one other reader, from within or outside the department, to be arrived at in consultation between the student and the advisor.  It should then be filed with the Graduate School according to their rules for filing an MA thesis, available on their website.

Students will receive the BA at graduation in their senior year, and the MA at graduation the following year.  In their senior year, they will most probably be taking a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses.