Upcoming Events 2016-17


History of Art and Architecture Department Events

September 20


Itohan Osayimwese,

 Evelyn Lincoln

Grant writing workshop



September 27

Dietrich Neumann

"Berlin at Night"  List Art 423

October 4,


Emmy Mickevicius

“Critiquing the New West: Photographs of Suburban Denver and Albuquerque by Robert Adams and Joe Deal, ca. 1975”
List Art room 423

October 11
12:00 pm

Laurel Bestock, Associate Professor of Archaeology and Egyptology


"Violence and Power: the role of images in early Egyptian ideology" 


October 20
5:30 pm
Robert Harrist, Columbia University

"Beyond Brush and Ink: Stone Paintings from China."
Location TBD

October 25,

7 pm

Note time + place change

Salvatore Settis, emeritus director of the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and the Getty Humanities Center

"If Venice Dies"

108 RI Hall




November 1
12:00 pm


on the future of historic preservation,

Title TBA

[date tentative ] 


November 3
5:30 pm

Melissa McCormick, Harvard University

"Murasaki and Metaphysics:  The thinking Female Author as Buddhist Icon"
Location TBD

November 11
5:30 pm

Matthew Heins

Title TBD
Location TBD

November 29
12:00 pm

Ruth Fine


Museum and Curatorial Workshop

December 1
5:30 pm

Guo Jue, Barnard College

Title TBD

December 13
12:00 pm


Sheila Bonde

"Thinking Digitally about Architectural Process"
List 423

date TBD
12:00 pm

Faculty and Grads

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop
List 423




date TBD
12:00 pm

Frick talk presenter

Frick talk run through

12:00 pm


May date TBD

12:00 pm

Visiting scholar Li Xue Title TBA


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