2016-2017 Calendar

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Date Event Speaker/Presenter Host Time/Location
6/2/17 MCB Graduate Student Data Club

Anne Hart                       "I ♥ worms"

Jason Wood (Helfand Lab)                                 The mitochondrial sirtuin Sirt4 regulates metabolism and lifespan in Drosophila"

4 PM                 SFH 220
6/6/17 MCB Graduate Student Thesis Defense Edward Anderson K. Wharton 1 PM                 SFH 220
6/7/17 MCB Special Seminar

Dr. Jan Christian, UNiversity of Utah

"Regulation of BMP homodimer and heterodimer activity by prodomains and interactions with the extracellular matrix"

K. Wharton 12 PM               SFH 220
7/21/17 MCB Graduate Student Thesis Defense

Emily Kaye (Larschan Lab)

E. Larschan 12 PM               SFH 220