2016-2017 Calendar

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Date Event Speaker/Presenter Host Time/Location
8/1 MCB Graduate Student Thesis Defense

Takahiro Ito

"Epigenetic Regulation of Cellular Senescence by WNT-MYC-Polycomb Signaling"

Prof. John Sedivy 1:00 PM           LMM 107
8/25 MCB Special Seminar

Prof. Shin-Han Shiu, Michigan State University

"Challenges in defining functional regions in genomes"

Prof. Alison DeLong SFH 220           3:30 PM
8/26 MCB Graduate Student Thesis Defense

Matthew Booker

"Diversification of Protein Phosphatase 2A Regulatory Subunits in Plants: Functional and Phylogenetic Analysis"

Prof. Alison DeLong 12:00 PM            SFH 220
8/31 MCB Graduate Program Retreat


AM - Student Faculty Research Talks

BBQ Lunch

PM - Poster Sessions

Volleyball Tournament


MCB Graduate Program

Haffenreffer Grant of Mount Hope

9 AM - 6 PM

9/14 MCB Graduate Program Seminar

Dr. Barry Ganetzky, University of Wisconsin

"Neuronal degeneration and regeneration in long-lived Drosophila larvae"

Dr. S. Helfand 12 PM                       SFH 220
9/16 MCB Graduate PRogram Data Club

Prof. Gary Wessel    

      "Hurry up and wait - cellular quiesence in germ line formation"

Jennifer Forcina   

"Hurry up and wait - cellular quiesence in germ line "formation.

4 PM                 SFH 220  
9/21 MCB Graduate Program Seminar

Dr. Utz Herbig,      Rutgers University

"Cancer, Aging and Tissue Repair: The Telomere Connection"

Dr. J. Sedivy 12 PM               SFH 220
9/28 MCB Graduate Program Seminar

Michelle Dawson, Brown University, MPPB

"Using Single Cell Biophysics to Understand Cancer"

Dr. M. Johnson 12 PM            SFH 220
9/30 MCB Graduate Student Thesis Defense

Daniel Berg (Berson Lab)

"More Than Meets the Eye: Molecular Diversity of the Intrinsically Photosensitive Ganglion Cells Regulating Circadian Rhythm Photoentrainment"

1:30 PM           SFH 220
9/30 MCB Data Club

Xinru Wang (Page Lab)                        "Expanding the PP2A interactome by defining a B56-specific SLiM"

Leila Rieder (Larschan Lab)           "Mechanisms of nuclear body formation in Drosophila"

4 PM               LMM 107
10/5 MCB Graduate Program Seminar

Dr. Susan Gottesman, National Institutes of Health

"Regulating the bacterial response to stress via post-transcriptional regulation"

Dr. A. Deaconescu 12 PM                     LMM 107
10/5 CCMB Seminar

Dr. Stephen McGarvey, Brown University School of Public Health

"Identification of a novel missense variant in CREBRF associated with obesity and diabetes in Samoans"

Dr. David Rand 4 PM               CIT Bldg, room 241
10/14 MCB Data Club

Yee Voan Teo (Neretti Lab)                "Single-cell analysis of Ras-induced senescence"

Rachel Soemedi           (Fairbrother Lab)                "Deleterious Nonsynonymous Variants often Disrupt pre-mRNA Splicing"

4 PM                  SFH 220
10/19 MCB Graduate Program Seminar

Dr. Amy Wagers, Harvard University

"Mechanisms of Stem Cell Aging in Skeletal Muscle"

Dr. A. Webb 12 PM                      LMM 107
10/26 MCB Graduate Program Seminar

Dr. Don Fox, Duke University

"Polyploidy and aneuploidy in organ development and repair"

Dr. E. Larschan 12 PM                      SFH 220
10/28 MCB Data Club

Christy Rhine: "The non-uniform distribution of splicing mutations across disease genes"

Marco DeCecco: "Out of LINE, out of shape: what's wrong with cellular senescence?

4 PM              LMM 107
11/2 MCB Graduate Program Seminar

Dr. Kim McCall, Boston University

"Coordination of cell death and corpse clearance in the Drosophila ovary"

BIOL1050/2050 (Dr. K. Miller) 12 PM                      SFH 220
11/9 MCB Graduate Program Seminar  Dr. Huntington Willard, Marine Biological Laboratory
 Dr. K. Mowry
12 PM                     LMM 107
11/30 MCB Graduate Program Seminar

Dr. Patrick Lusk, Yale University

"Protecting the nuclear compartment"

BIOL1050/2050 (Dr. K. Miller) 12 PM                       SFH 220
12/7 MCB Graduate Program Seminar Dr. Michael Bonaguidi, University of Southern California Dr. A. Webb 12 PM                     LMM 107
12/12 MCB Graduate Program Thesis Defense Jennifer Urban (Larschan Lab) Dr. E. Larschan 12:00 PM        SFH 220
12/13 MCB Graduate Program Thesis Defense John Urban (Gerbi Lab) Dr. S. Gerbi 12:00 PM       LMM107
12/14 MCB Graduate Program Seminar

Dr. Jan Vijg, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

"Genome instability and aging: a single cell approach

Dr. John Sedivy 12 PM            LMM 107
12/15 MCB Graduate Program Thesis Defense Steven Criscione (Neretti Lab) Dr. N. Neretti 1:00 PM          LMM 107