Conference Travel

Travel Awards

Students planning to make a presentation at a scientific conference should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator at least one month before the conference for assistance with obtaining conference travel support.  The Coordinator will need information including the URL for the conference web site, the title of the poster/talk to be presented by the student at the conference, and estimated expenses for travel, registration, meals, and lodging.

There are several sources of conference travel support available including the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, the MCB Graduate Program, and various institutional training grants. The Program Coordinator will work with each student to identify and apply for all the eligible sources of support.  The office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will provide funds for students attending a conference as long as they are participating by either presenting a poster or giving a talk. 

Any student who has passed the Preliminary Examination may request travel funds to attend scientific meetings from the MCB Graduate Program.  Travel funds are also available from the MCB and Molecular Biology of Aging training grants for studens who are supported from these sources.  Additional funds may be available for attending international conferences (if you meet the criteria above).

David Brautigan Fund for MCB Student Travel                                             

This fund is available to MCB Graduate Students to supplement the sources of funding mentioned above.  Each MCB student is eligible for up to $1000 per fiscal year from this fund to pay for conference travel expenses not covered by other available funds.  Students must be participating in the conference by either presenting a poster or giving a talk on their research. 

Other Travel

Students planning to give a departmental seminar at their alma mater or other institution may be eligible for support from the MCB Graduate Program.  Interested students should email the program director and coordinator with a proposal that should include travel costs and plans for events designed to engage undergraduate students in discussion about opportunities to pursue graduate studies in the molecular life sciences.  Our students are our best ambassadors and we are willing to contribute to those willing to promote the program and encourage applications to the MCB Graduate Program.