Individual Development Plan

Graduate students benefit from reflecting on their career aspirations, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and formulating a plan to better prepare themselves for future training and the job market.

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) provide a planning process that identifies both professional development needs and career objectives. Furthermore, IDPs serve as a communication tool between graduate students and their mentors. 

The MCB Graduate Program and the Division of Biology and Medicine Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies require that an IDP be completed in November of the first year as part of the Responsible Conduct in Research course and then again no later than Spring of the 4th year of graduate school.  The MCB Graduate program additionally requires submission of the IDP no later than 2 months after the successful completion of the qualifying examination.  The IDP should be prepared in collaboration with the research advisor.  Some students may find it helpful to review their IDP as part of their annual committee meeting.

The Office of Graduate and Postodoctoral Studies (OGPS) manages the collection of the IDP.  Here are the steps for completion of the IDP:

  1. Prior to completion of the IDP, perform a self assessment using the online self assessment tool found here.  

  2. Read the instructions for completion of the IDP form on the OGPS website found here.  

  3. By the deadline, submit the online OGPS IDP google form.  Please be aware that this form can only be submitted once and cannot currently be edited once it is submitted.  Students may find it useful to use the template made available on the OGPS IDP website prior to submission of the form.