Student Handbook - Colloquia, Research Seminars, and Journal Clubs

Colloquia, Research Seminars

Students are required to attend and participate in the MCB Graduate Program weekly inviational seminar series and monthly MCB Data Club.

Weekly MCB Graduate Program seminars are presented by visiting scientists invited by MCB faculty trainers on Wednesdays noon-1 pm during the academic year. Students are expected to attend the seminar every week as a part of their training outside of the area of their thesis research. In addition, a student committee organizes a student-invited speaker each year. Students can also meet with invited speakers over lunch after the seminar.

At the MCB Data Club, held approximately once a month on Friday 4:00-5:00 pm, third-year and fourth-year students in the program give formal 30 minute presentations of their thesis research results.  Students make one Data Club presentation in the third year and one Data Club presentation in the fourth year.