Student Handbook - Course of Study

Course of Study

For entering graduate students, the general course of study emphasizes the following:

  • Establishing competence in disciplines central to molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, systems biology, genetics, genomics, proteomics and biochemistry
  • Gaining understanding in the quantitative approaches necessary to address complex problems in modern biology
  • Encouraging diversification of training
  • Maintaining flexibility within the framework of formal study

Brown University requires a minimum of 24 tuition credits for the Ph.D. degree, of which a maximum of eight can be transferred from other institutions. In each of the first three semesters, students will register for 4 tuition credits through a combination of coursework and graduate research. Beyond the first three semesters, students will fulfill this requirement primarily through their independent dissertation research, but students may also continue to register for courses that are related to their training throughout their time at Brown.

The student, in consultation with the Advisory Committee, will design an individualized curriculum, tailored to his or her unique interests.