2016-17 Biology Course Offerings

 *FYS (First-Year Seminar); SOPH SEM (Sophomore Seminar); LAB (Lab or Field Trip Course); WRIT (designated-course offering considered to fulfill the writing requirement); CONF (discussion group in addition to primary course section); DIV (content addresses issues of diversity including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, inequality, and other related areas of inquiry as relevant to topics and careers in the biological sciences).

For courses offered in alternate years, view course summaries from previous academic years at Related Files, below.  

1 0030 Principles of Nutrition Flynn, Mary  
1 0140C Communicating Science: Animating Science Stein, John  
1 0150A Techniques and Analyses Using DNA-Based Biotechnology Hall, Jody FYS/LAB
1 0150D Techniques in Regenerative Medicine: Cells, Scaffolds and Staining Zielinski-Habershaw, Beth  FYS/LAB
1 0170 Biotechnology in Medicine Zielinski-Habershaw, Beth   
1 0190E Foundations: Botanical Roots of Modern Medicine Jackson, Fred FYS/LAB/DIV
1 0190F Foundations: Darwinian Medicine   Tatar, Marc FYS/DIV
1 0190P Pride & Prejudice in the Development of Scientific Theories Helfand, Stephen FYS
1 0190R Foundations: Phage Hunters, Part I Zhou, Yang FYS/LAB
1 0190U
Plant Development, Structure and Function Heywood, Peter FYS/WRIT
1 0210 Diversity of Life Kellner, James  DIV
1 0380 The Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease Weinreich, Daniel  
1 0400 Biological Design Allen, Justine WRIT
1 0410 Invertebrate Zoology Dunn, Casey LAB/DIV
1 0430 The Evolution of Plant Diversity   Edwards, Erika LAB
1 0455 Coastal Ecology and Conservation  Bertness, Mark  
1 0470 Genetics  Johnson, Mark LAB
1 0480 Evolutionary Biology Rand, David CONF/DIV
1 0490  Environmental Science in Changing World (register ENVS XLIST) Porder, Stephen
1 0530 Principles of Immunology Bungiro, Richard  
1 0800 Principles of Physiology Stein, John LAB
1 0940A  Viral Epidemics
Atwood, Walter SOPH SEM/WRIT
1 0940B Life in a Shell
Jackson, Donald SOPH SEM
1 0940D Rhode Island Flora: Understanding and Documenting Local Plant Diversity
Whitfeld,  Timothy SOPH SEM/LAB
1 0960 Independent Study in Science Writing Faculty Advisors  
1 1050,2050 Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell  (Grad students register for 2050) Miller, Kenneth/Gerbi, Susan CONF
1 1070  Biotechnology and Global Health Schell, Jacquelyn  
1 1090  Polymer Science for Biomaterials Mathiowitz, Edith LAB
1 1140 Tissue Engineering Hoffman-Kim, Diane  DIV
1 1160 Principles of Exercise Physiology Hai, Chi-Ming  DIV
1 1222A,2222B Functional Genomics (Grad students register for 2222B) Neretti, Nicola
1 1260,2260 Physiological Pharmacology (Grad students register for 2260) Marshall, John  
1 1270,2270 Advanced Biochemistry (Grad students register for 2270) Deaconscu, Alexandra  
1 1290 Cancer Biology Zhitkovich, Anatoly  
1 1300 Biomolecular Interactions: Health, Disease and Drug Design Fawzi, Nicolas   
1 1310,2310 Developmental Biology (Grad students register for 2310) Wharton, Kristi LAB
1 1470 Conservation Biology Sax, Dov  
1 1480 Terrestrial Biogeochemistry and the Functioning of Ecosystems Porder, Stephen
1 1520 Innate Immunity Brossay, Laurent  
1 1950 Directed Research/Independent Study - See Research Faculty Advisors LAB
1 1970A Stem Cell Biology Freiman, Richard
1 2020 Biotechnology Science and Industry Scott, Jeffrey
1 2030 Foundations for Advanced Study in the Life Sciences DeLong, Alison  CONF
1 2089 Biotechnology IP Morgan, Jeffrey
1 2110 Drug and Gene Delivery Mathiowitz, Edith
1 2125 Bioinformatics in the Discovery, Development, and Use of Medicines Campbell, Robert
1 2150 Scientific Communication Bender, Judith  CONF
1 2170 Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology  Horrigan, Diana  
1 2180 Experiential Learning Industry (ELI) Zielinski-Habershaw, Beth
1 2190 MPP Professional Development Seminar Horrigan, Diana  
1 2230 Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology Seminar Hoffman-Kim, Diane  
1 2245 Blood Substitutes: Principles and Therapeutics Development Kim, Hae Won  
1 2340 Neurogenetics and Disease Reenan, Robert  
1 2430 S01 Topics in EEB: IGERT Reverse Ecology: Computational Integration of Genomes, Organisms & Environments Rand, David  DIV
1 2430 S02 Topics in EEB: EEB Professional Development Workshop Weinrich, Daniel  DIV
1 2860 Molecular Mechanisms of Human Disease Boekelheide, Kim  DIV
2 0080 Biotechnology Management Bready, Barrett  
2 0140A Communicating Science: Science Journalism  Turner, Scott  DIV
2 0150C Methods for Extraction & Analyzing Secondary Metabolites of Medicinal Plants Jackson, Fred FYS/LAB
2 0160 Plants, Food and People Heywood, Peter WRIT
2 0180 - Cancelled {offered fall 2017} The Biology of AIDS Shank, Peter  
2 0190S Foundations: Phage Hunters, Part II Taylor, Sarah FYS/LAB
2 0200 The Foundations of Living Systems Miller, Kenneth LAB/DIV
2 0280 Introductory Biochemistry
Jogl, Gerwald CONF
2 0285 Introductory Biochemistry Lab Taylor, Sarah LAB COURSE
2 0350 Fossil Record: Life on Earth Andrew Leslie  LAB
2 0420 Principles of Ecology Witman, Jon CONF
2 0495 Statistical Analysis of Biological Data Ramachandran, Sohini CONF
2 0500 Cell and Molecular Biology Heywood, Peter  
2 0510 Introductory Microbiology Bennett, Richard LAB
2 0800 Principles of Physiology Hai, Chi-Ming LAB
2 0860 Diet and Chronic Disease Flynn, Mary
2 0940C Sophomore Seminar: Insect Biology Morse, Douglass LAB
2 0960 Independent Study in Science Writing Faculty Advisors  
2 1040,2040 Ultrastructure/Bioimaging Williams, Geoffrey LAB
2 1100 Cell Physiology and Biophysics Horrigan, Diana  
2 1120 Biomaterials Zielinski-Habershaw, Beth
2 1150 Stem Cell Engineering  Darling, Eric LAB
2 1190 Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity   Kauer, Julie
2 1250 Host-microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease Vaishnava, Shipra
2 1330 Biology of Reproduction Wessel, Gary  DIV
2 1440 Marine Biology Bertness, Mark
2 1540,2540 Molecular Genetics (Grad students register for 2540) Larschan, Erica  
2 1555 Methods in Biomedical Informatics Sarker, Neil
2 1560 Virology Jamieson, Amanda  
2 1600 Development of Vaccines to Infectious Diseases Bungiro, Richard  
2 1800 Animal Locomotion Chew, Amy
2 1820 Environmental Health and Disease Johnston, Tatiana  
2 1870 Techniques in Pathobiology  Jackson, Cynthia  
2 1880 Comparative Biology of the Vertebrates Chew, Amy LAB
2 1920B Health Inequality in Historical Perspective Braun, Lundy DIV
2 1960 Directed Research/Independent Study - See Research Faculty Advisors  
2 2010 Quantitative Approaches to Biology Fairbrother, William  
2 2121 The Biochemistry of Signaling and Regulation from Prokaryptes to Eukaryotes Salomon, Arthur
2 2145 Molecular Targets of Drug Discovery Horrigan, Diana  
2 2167 In Vitro Models for Disease Schell, Jacquelyn  
2 2180 Experiential Learning Industry (ELI) Zielinski-Habershaw, Beth  
2 2240 Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology Seminar Morgan, Jeffrey  
2 2245 Blood Substitutes: Principles of Therapeutics Development Kim, Hae Won
2 2350 The Biology of Aging Helfand, Stephen  DIV
2 2430 S07 Topics in EEB: Biological Mechanisms Underlying Environmental Forcings of Tropical Forests Kellner, James
2 2440 S01 Topics in EEB: IGERT Reverse Ecology: Computational Integration of Genomes, Organisms and Environments Rand, David  DIV
2 2640A Topics in Microbiology and Immunology: Viral Immunology Biron, Christine


2 2920D Environmental Technologies and Human Health Hurt, Robert double listing w/ ENGN