AP/IB | Transfer & Study Abroad Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

BIOL 0200 is an appropriate course selection for students interested in biology and is a requirement for students in the concentration. It is also listed as a pre-requisite for many offerings within BIOL and NEUR.

Students who meet at least one of the following criteria are exempt from the BIOL 0200 requirement:

-  An AP score of 4 or higher
- An IB Score of 5 or higher
- A passing score on the biology placement exam*
       *administered electronically through Banner 

Academic Year 2019-20 | Placement Exam Dates

- Fall Semester:  
The exam will be available through Banner beginning Monday, August 19th and will remain available through the registration period.

- Spring Semester: 


How do I register for the BIOL 0200 placement exam?

Please access the link through the secure student portion of self-service banner web. The results of this exam will be available immediately and will determine whether you will need to complete BIOL200 before enrolling in courses for which BIOL200 is a pre-requisite. The placement exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions.  A minimum score of 50% is required to pass.

For further information regarding placement policy, consult with Academic Advisor [email protected] at the BUE office or the BioMed Multidisciplinary Laboratories - 401/863-2967. 

Transfer/Study Abroad Credit

Students who have successfully completed college courses elsewhere may apply to the University for the transfer of credit. Brown University policies for study abroad credit transfer may be found at International Programs and domestic study away. For additional information, consult the Dean of the College.

Courses may be transferred from other institutions to count toward a concentration in the Biological Sciences. Transfer and study abroad students are encouraged to discuss their transfer credit plans with their concentration advisor, an Academic Advisor or Dean Smith.

Requests for transfer credit can now be made directly using ASK. A guide for using the online request system can be found here.