Biology AB

Biology AB

(14 courses)


The AB in Biology includes 14 courses and offers the opportunity to explore mulitple academic interests within or outside of the field. Prerequisites in math and chemistry support a core of 10 biology (and neuroscience) courses, with some options for related sciences. Within the core, there are course distribution requirements to provide foundational knowledge in different areas of biology as well as requirements for lab and advanced coursework. Students working towards the AB in Biology are not required to pursue research, but many do through semester, summer, or year long opportunities with faculty on campus and beyond. 

Students are expected to take courses that will count toward the concentration ABC/NC. Students should discuss the S/NC option with their concentration advisor if circumstances warrant special consideration. Students should not register S/NC for a concentration course without advisor pre-approval (mandatory S/NC courses may count toward the concentration). 

Part A. Prerequisite Courses



MATH 0090

- AP/IB may substitute

- MATH 0050/0060 may substitute

MATH 0100 or 0170

- Statistics course may substitute

CHEM 0330

- IB may substitute

CHEM 0350



Part B. Core Courses (10 courses)



BIOL 0200

-   AP/IB may substitute

-   BIOL 0200 carries lab credit; equivalent placement does not

Lab Courses


- Core must include a minimum of 3 lab courses from BIOL or NEUR; these courses can also count towards upper-level and/or area requirements

- BIOL 1950 and 1960 carry ONE total lab credit 

- ½ credit lab courses may be used for lab requirement

- See Courses Page for information about acceptable lab courses

Upper-Level Courses


- Core must include a minimum of 2 BIOL or NEUR courses numbered at 1000/2000 level

- Related science courses above 1000 level may NOT substitute

- BIOL 1950 and 1960 carry ONE total advanced level course credit

Area Requirement

- Core must include at least one course from each of the three designated areas (see list below)


- One or more electives from BIOL, NEUR or approved related sciences to have a minimum of 10 courses in Core

Additional Stipulations:

* Biology courses below BIOL 0100 do NOT carry concentration credit

* Core may include up to two related science courses from the approved list (see list below)

* BIOL 0920s, BIOL 1070, and BIOL 1920s can be used ONLY as related science

* Only one First Year Seminar and one Sophomore Seminar may be used towards core

* The Biology AB Concentration Worksheet may be a useful tool for course planning and can be found as an attachment below.