Paul Bertone, PhD

Core Director (Single Cell Technologies); TRDG Member, Bioinfomatics Single cell profiling

Alexander Brodsky
Alexander Brodsky, PhD

Cancer metabolism, Tumor stroma, Immune biomarkers

Benedito Carneiro
Benedito Carneiro, MD

Group Leader (Cancer Therapeutics); TRDG Leader (GU Cancer); Director, Phase I Clinical Research Program, Cell death targeted therapeutics, Immunotherapy

Wen-I Chang
Wen-I Chang, MD

Pediatric Oncology

Bradley DeNardo
Bradley DeNardo, MD

TRDG Leader (Sarcoma); Neuroblastoma, Neurotoxicity

Don Dizon
Don Dizon, MD

TRDG Leader (GYN Cancers), Director, Women’s Cancers, Lifespan, GYN cancer therapeutics

Wafik El-Deiry
Wafik El-Deiry, MD, PhD, FACP

Director, Joint Program in Cancer Biology; TRDG Leader and Facilitator, Drug Discovery, Signaling, drug resistance, TRAIL, p53, p21, ONC201

Jesse Hart
Jesse Hart, DO

Director of Immunohistochemistry, Lifespan Laboratories

Liz Hernandez Borrero, PhD candidate

Translational theraputics

Joshua Honeyman
Joshua Honeyman, MD

Pediatric surgery, Genomics

Aakash Jhaveri, MS candidate

Translational Therapeutics

Rishi Lulla
Rishi Lulla, MD, MS

TRDG Leader and Facilitator (CNS Cancer and Sarcoma); Pediatric brain tumors

Thomas Miner
Thomas Miner, MD

TRDG Leader (GI Cancer and Sarcoma); HIPEC, GI surgery, Melanoma

Nimesh Patel
Nimesh Patel, MD

Director, Mol Pathology, Lifespan, NGS, informatics tools, Genomics of solid tumors

Chanika Phornphutkul
Chanika Phornphutkul, MD

Chief of the Division of Human Genetics and Director of Genetics and Metabolism Clinic at Rhode Island/Hasbro Children's Hospital

Howard Safran, MD

Group Leader (Cancer Therapeutics); TRDG Leader and Facilitator, Medical Director, BrUOG, Chief, Hematology/Oncology, Brown and Lifespan, GI and brain cancer therapeutics, Experimental therapeutics

Neil Sarkar
Neil Sarkar, PhD

Group Leader (Population Science); Biomedical Informatics, Health Services and Policy

Attila A Seyhan, PhD

Director of Translational Oncology Operations, Joint Program in Cancer Biology, Brown University and Lifespan Cancer Institute; Core Director of Translational Oncology; Adjunct Associate Professor, Tumor metabolism and RNA processing

Richard Terek
Richard Terek, MD

TRDG Leader (Sarcoma); Orthopedics, Surgical Oncology

Xiaobing Tian, PhD

Core Director (Organic Synthesis); Research Assistant Professor, Integrated stress response, Cell signaling, Myc, Puma, p53

Dilber Ece Uzun
Dilber Ece Uzun, PhD

Clinical bioinformatics, Drug absorption

Alper Uzun
Alper Uzun, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Research)

Shengliang Zhang, MD, PhD

Core Director (Drug Discovery); Research Assistant Professor, ROS, ERK2, MDM2, p53

Yiqun Zhang, PhD

Translational Therapeutics

Shuai Zhao, PhD candidate

Translational Therapeutics

Lanlan Zhou, MD, PhD

Core Director (Organoids); Research Assistant Professor), Translational therapeutics, Biomarkers