The Division of Biology and Medicine is composed of fifteen clinical departments, situated throughout Brown's seven teaching hospital partners, and five basic science departments on the Brown University campus.

Clinical Departments


Administrator: Linda Nastasi
Email[email protected]
Box: G-RIH
Phone: 401-444-4943
Fax: 401-444-5090


Administrator: Jane White
Email: [email protected]
Box: G-RIH 
Phone: (401) 863-5949

Diagnostic Imaging

Administrator: Gayle Pascetta
Email: [email protected]
Box: G-RIH 337 
Phone: 401-444-5184 
Fax: 401-444-5017

Emergency Medicine

Administrator: Brenda Bordieri
Email: [email protected]
Box: G-RIH/Claverick 2nd 
Phone: 401-444-6223 
Fax: 401-444-5118

Family Medicine

Administrator: Lynn Menatian
Email[email protected]
Phone: 401-921-7981
Fax: 401-729-2856


Administrator: Tricia Meehan
Email[email protected]
Box: G-RIH/Grads 217 
Phone: 401-444-8291 
Fax: 401-444-8271


Administrator: Jen Boulanger
Email: [email protected]
Box: G-RIH/Neurology 
Phone: 401-444-8795 
Fax: 401-444-8781


Administrator: Mustafa F. Mazlumoglu, MSc, MBA
Email[email protected]
Box: G-RIH/Neurosurgery 
Phone: 401-793-9136 
Fax: 401-444-2781

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Administrator: Kathy Farnum
Email[email protected]
Box: G-WIH 1453 
Phone: 401-274-1122 x41575 
Fax: 401-453-7696


Administrator: Diane Ormond
Email[email protected]
Box: G-RIH/Coop 170.36 
Phone: 401-444-5895 
Fax: 401-444-6518


Administrator: Joanne Richards
Email[email protected]
Box: G-RIH/Hasbro 125
Phone: 401-444-5648
Fax: 401-444-6378

Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Administrator: Kristen McKinnon
Email[email protected]
Box: G-BH 
Phone: 401-444-1950 
Fax: 401-444-1948

Administrative Manager: Holly Wilker
Email[email protected]
Box: G-BH 
Phone: 401-455-6432 
Fax: 401-455-6432

Radiation Oncology

Administrator: Madinha Aumaree
Email[email protected]
Box: G-RIH/Rad Onc 
Phone: 401-444-8402 
Fax: 401-444-7002


Administrator: Jane Pariseault
Email[email protected]
Box: G-RIH/APC 431 
Phone: 401-444-6611 
Fax: 401-444-6612

Basic Science Departments

Ecology and Evolutionary and Organismal Biology

Administrator: Shannon M. Silva
Email: [email protected]
Box: G-W 
Phone: 401-863-1976
Fax: 401-863-2166

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry

Administrator: Purvang Patel
Email[email protected]
Box: G-L 
Phone: 401-863-1654 
Fax: 401-863-1182

Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Administrator: Denise Capoverde
Email[email protected]
Box: G-B5 
Phone: 401-863-9585


Administrator: Kathy Gerlach
Email[email protected]
Box: G-LN-307 
Phone: 401-863-3548 
Fax: 401-863-1074

Hybrid Departments

Medical Science

Jack A. Elias, MD, MACP
Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences, Chief Academic Officer, Chair of Medical Science, Frank L. Day Professor of Biology
[email protected]

Office of the Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences
Brown University
91 Waterman Street
Providence, RI  02912

(401) 863-3330
Fax: (401) 863-3431
[email protected]

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Jonathan Kurtis, MD, PhD
Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Stanley M. Aronson Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
[email protected]

Administrator: Amy M. Sousa
Email[email protected]
Box: G-E5 
Phone: 401-863-3119 
Fax: 401-863-9008

Administrative Coordinator: Laura Kalafarski
Email[email protected]
Box: G-E
Phone: 401-863-2913