Department Leadership

Jonathan Kurtis, MD, PhD

Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Murray Resnick, MD, PhD

Pathologist-in-Chief, Lifespan Academic Medical Center, The Miriam and Rhode Island Hospitals

de la Monte, Suzanne
Suzanne De La Monte, MD, MPH

Pathologist-in-Chief, Providence VA Medical Center


C. James Sung, MD

Executive Chief, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Care New England Health System

401-274-1122 x 41177

Department Administration

Linda Soeurt

Administrative Coordinator


Cynthia Ferreira

Manager of Finance and Administration

(401) 863-9483

Laura Kalafarski
Laura Kalafarski

Executive Assistant


Amy Sousa

Department Manager


Elizabeth Boynton

Administrative Coordinator


Priscilla Ruscito

Grants and Financial Specialist


Mancini, Danielle
Danielle Mancini

Grants and Financial Specialist

(401) 444-5214

Nicholas Fogell

Grants and Financial Coordinator

Madeline Hansen

Grants and Financial Coordinator


Affiliated Hospital Administration

Lissi Marte

Administrative Coordinator, The Miriam and Rhode Island Hospitals


Residency Program

Jesse Hart, DO

Associate Director

Diana Treaba, MD

Director, Residency Program

Fellowship Program

Ross Taliano, MD

Director, Surgical Pathology Program

(401) 444-5152

Fusun Gundogan, MD

Director, Developmental and Pediatric Pathology Fellowship

Katrine Hansen, MD

Director, Gynecologic Pathology and Breast Pathology

401-274-1100 x 41194

Evgeny Yakirevich, MD

Director, Gastrointestinal Fellowship Program

(401) 444-6391

Medical Education

Luba Dumenco, MD

Assistant Dean of Medical Education, Undergraduate Medical Educator and Pathology Course Director

Joyce Ou, MD, PhD

Director, Preclerkship Pathology Education

L. Corey Hanley, MD, FCAP, FASCP

Co-Director, Preclerkship Pathology Education