Academic pathologists within the Department are actively engaged in training medical and graduate students, residents, and fellows who will become the next generation of scientists and physicians.

Undergraduate Courses

Course Code Course Title and Description Course Instructor
BIOL 1290 Cancer Biology
Provides a conceptual understanding of molecular events underlying development of human cancer. Focused on genetic changes leading to malignant transformation of cells. Covers cell cycle control, DNA damage, mutagenesis, cancer predisposition syndromes, oncogenic viruses, tumor immunology, metastasis, cancer chemotherapy and drug resistance.
Anatoly Zhitkovich, PhD
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BIOL 1820 Environmental Health and Disease
Humans live, work, and play in complex chemical environments. BIOL1820 examines how environmental exposures impact human health and contribute to disease. The course covers basic concepts in toxicology, epidemiology, and safety assessment, and is divided into 4 sections: radiation, lead, perfluorinated chemicals, and endocrine disruptors. For each section, students will examine the molecular mechanisms that mediate toxicity, learn how toxicant exposure impacts physiology, evaluate exposure risk, and discuss issues of environmental justice. 
Jessica Plavicki, PhD
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