Dr. Yow Pin-Lim-Journal of Clinical Investigation Article

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In collaboration with Barbara Stonestreet at WIH, while the work was focused on hypoxic-ischemic brain damage in neonates, this paper reported the major findings of the neuroprotective effects of protein therapeutics in adult and aging animals with ischemic stroke.
This collaboration with many talented scientists took more than 8 years to complete.




Yvonne Rericha Externship at SRP Center with Robbert Creton, PhD and Jessica Plavicki, PhD

Yvonne Rericha, a doctoral student under the mentorship of Center Director Robyn Tanguay, Ph.D., at the Oregon State University SRP Center will travel to Rhode Island to work with Robbert Creton, Ph.D., and Jessica Plavicki, Ph.D., at the Brown University SRP Center. Rericha studies zebrafish to investigate the mechanisms by which PFAS and PAHs harm development. Through her externship, she will apply advanced imaging techniques to examine how these exposures affect the development and integrity of blood vessels in the zebrafish brain. Specifically, she will compare the effects of a PFAS compound called perfluorononanoic acid and a PAH compound called chrysene, which are commonly found at Superfund sites.

Link: https://www.niehs.nih.gov/research/supported/centers/srp/training/donnelly/2020winners/index.cfm