This website is designed to provide gross and microscopic digital images of common and uncommon pathological conditions. It represents the work of Jae Lim, MD, PhD, a Brown Medical School alumnus, Calvin E. Oyer, MD, an alumnus faculty member, Ronald A. DeLellis, MD, Pathologist-in-Chief (Emeritus), and Shaolei Lu, MD, PhD, a current Brown Pathology faculty, who gratefully acknowledge the contributions and cooperation of numerous pathologists.  Unless otherwise indicated in the photo legends, all contributing pathologists are/were on the faculty of Brown Medical School and/or on the staff of Brown-affiliated hospitals in Rhode Island. While the basic purpose of the website is to provide a resource for the use of Brown medical students in studying systemic pathology, it is being made available to the general pathology community and to interested clinicians everywhere. Permission is granted to reproduce these photos for teaching purposes provided the Brown logo is kept in place. If the photo is to be used for publication, contact us by email for permission to do so.

Contact: Shaolei Lu MD PhD

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