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Diana Treaba, MD
Residency Program Director

The Brown Pathology Residency Program is affiliated with the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and the Program Director is appointed by the Chair of the Department of Pathology of the Medical School.

The Program Director has overall responsibility for the training program, with training at individual hospitals overseen by assistant program directors.

Chief resident(s) are appointed each year to provide a direct link between residents and staff and to help guide new residents through their first year.

Program Administration

Rhode Island Hospital, the largest of our teaching institutions, serves as the base for the Program with all program-wide conferences located at this site. All of the residents entering the Program are employees of Rhode Island Hospital and have their benefits administered through the Graduate Medical Education Office at Rhode Island Hospital.

All residents are employees of Rhode Island Hospital and are subject to its rules and policies. Salaries and benefits are uniform for each postgraduate year throughout the institution and are regulated by the Rhode Island Hospital Graduate Medical Education Office.

Steering Committee

The governing body of the Program is the Residency Steering Committee which is composed of the Program Director, the Co-director, representatives from each participating hospital (appointed by the respective Chief of Service) at which residents participate in core rotations, the chief resident(s), and the Brown Chair of Pathology as an ex officio member.

The Steering Committee is responsible for the recruitment of residents to the Program. The Program participates in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) for the first postgraduate year.

The Program Director, in consultation with the Steering Committee, develops the rotation schedule for each resident, taking into account individual preferences, needs and career goals within the guidelines set forth herein and the requirements of the American Board of Pathology. The Steering Committee Representative from each institution serves as an Assistant Program Director, who is responsible for the training of residents at her/his institution and reports to the Program Director. During rotation in a laboratory section the resident is under the supervision of the director of that section.