• Beale, Samuel
    Professor Emeritus of Biology
    Research Interests: photosynthesis, heme, phycobilin, tetrapyrrole, aminolevulinate, chlorophyll
  • Coleman, Annette
    Stephen T Olney Professor Emerita of Natural History
    Research Interests: biology, Biochemistry
  • Coleman, John
    Professor Emeritus of Biology
  • Dahlberg, Albert
    Professor Emeritus of Medical Science
    Research Interests: Translation , crystallography, ribosome, ribosomal protein, genetics, antibiotics, ribosomal RNA
  • Fausto-Sterling, Anne
    Nancy Duke Lewis Professor Emerita of Biology
    Research Interests: sex, race and gender in bone development, systems theory, science and technology studies, early childhood development, theories of embodiment, gender, history of biology
  • Landy, Arthur
    University Professor Emeritus of Medical Science
  • Nillni, Eduardo
    Professor Emeritus of Medicine (Research), Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry (Research)
  • Rothman, Frank
    Professor Emeritus of Biology
  • Rotman, Boris
    Professor Emeritus of Medical Science
    Research Interests: see curriculum vitae