Postdoctoral Research Associates


Leila Rieder            (Larschan Lab)

Leila Rieder studies mechanisms of coordinated gene regulation in Drosophila.


Miiko Jaakkima Sokk  (Gerbi Lab)

Development and application of methods to map DNA replication origins in higher eukaryotes.  





Melissa J. Silvestrini (Lapierre Lab)

I am interested in understanding how the autophagy lysosomal pathway modulates aging in the context of lipid metabolism in hopes to develop novel therapeutic targets and treatments for age-related pathologies.


Jackson Taylor   (Helfand Lab)

My primary research goal is to better understand how the enzyme Sirt6 acts to regulate lifespan. I am also working to identify genes which regulate transposable element mobilization (harmful rearrangements of DNA) during the aging process


Research Associates