Federal regulations stipulate that summer salary (Per Uniform Guidance Summer Salary is referred to as “period outside of the academic year pay”) supported by sponsored programs must be “computed and paid at a percent effort rate not in excess of the faculty member’s official Institutional Base Salary (IBS) divided by the number of months in the period for which that IBS is paid.” Therefore, the summer salary for full-time 10-month faculty members working in the summer must be paid at a rate not to exceed 1/10th of the annual IBS of the academic year for each of the two months of the summer period. Summer salary is limited in each case by the terms of the supporting grant or contract and must be in accordance with granting agency policy.

  • Note: Academic year salary paid over 10 months – 2 months academic year paid in summer
  • Note: Academic pay over 12 months is not summer salary and cannot be costed in the summer on grants

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