Rate: Brown F&A Rate Agreement 
Major Proposal Submissions Tip Sheet   
BioMed New Faculty Orientation 
BioMed Research Administration Sponsored Research Guide for new Faculty
Institutional Facts and Reference Document  
Budgeting: Brown Budget Development Guidance  
Budgeting: Budget Justification Best Practices  
Budgeting: Criteria of a Good Budget  
Budgeting: Brown Purchasing Capital Equipment Guidance  
Checklist: COEUS Proposal Development   
Checklist: Determine Subrecipient or Contractor Classification  
Checklist: DoD (CDMRP)   
Checklist: NIH Career (K)   
Checklist: NIH Fellowship  
Checklist: NIH R01   
Checklist: NIH R01 Human Subjects and Clinical Trial Information  
Checklist: NIH R21   
Checklist: NIH T32   
Checklist: NIH Other Support Reference Sheet  
Checklist: NSF Application   
Checklist: Proposal Review   
Continuous Submission: BioMed NIH Continuous Submission Guidance   
Cost Sharing: Workday Costing Reference Guide for Cost Sharing
Data Management: AHA Data Sharing Plan: Information Required  
Data Management: Brown Data Management & Sharing Services  
Data Management: Brown Data Management and Data Sharing Workshops  
Data Management : Planning Tool  
Data Management: Data Sharing Requirements by Federal Agency  
Decentralized Department Routing of UPAS and Other Agency Requests             ♦   ♦
Effort: Hospital Employee Effort Certification form   
Effort: Sample Hospital Employee Effort Certification Memo  
Effort Reporting: Workday Guidelines  
Effort Reporting: Effort Certification Report Table  
Effort Reporting: Top 10 Things a P.I. Should Know NCURA Article  
Faculty Departure: BioMed Checklist   
Grant Writing: Grants.Gov Grant Writing Basics              ♦  
Industry SRAs: Industry SRA Guidance   
Mentoring: Adviser, Teacher, Role Model, Friend (by National Academy of Sciences/National Academy of Engineering/Institute of Medicine)  
Mentoring: Columbia University Tool  
Mentoring: Northern Illinois University Research Mentoring Interactive Tool  
Multiple PI Applications: Tips for Writing a Strong Multiple PI Leadership Plan   
Multiple PI Applications: Examples of Project Leadership Plans  
Other Support: Differences for JIT, RPPR, and Biosketch research support section   
Other Support Disclosure Guidance Chart  
Other Support: Resources by Sponsor   
PAAs: Sample PAA with examples   
Evaluation: American Evaluation Association Find an Evaluator Tool  
Evaluation: Brown Information on Writing an Evaluation Plan  
Evaluation: Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education Evaluation Resources  
Research Resources: Brown University   
Research Resources: Care New England   
Research Resources: CORES RI  
Research Resources: Lifespan   
Research Resources: URI   
Research Resources: VA   
Sponsor System Submission FAQ             ♦  
Summer Salary: Effort Reporting Guidelines  
Summer Salary: BioMed Guidance  
Summer Salary: Allowable Summer Salary Activities  
Summer Salary: FAQs  
Text Resource: Foundation Center Proposal Writing Short Course Tool  
Trainees:  Brown Health Insurance Costs for Trainees 2023
Trainees: Brown Grad Student Salary/Fee Projection for Proposal Budgets FY23  
Trainees: Brown Graduate School Research Guidelines  
Training Grant: Tutorial #1: What is xTRACT  
Training Grant: Tutorial #2: xTRACT for RPPR  
Training Grant: Enhancing Diversity in Training Programs  
Training Grant: Brown Training Grant Fundamentals  
Training Grants: Brown Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) Statement  
Training Grants: Brown Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) Training Syllabus  
Travel: General Travel Funding Guidance   
Travel: Graduate Student Travel Funding Guidance   
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