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Rate: Brown F&A Rate Agreement 2/12/2021

Rate: Brown F&A Rate Agreement 5/26/2020

Brown (5 Day Rule) Policy  
Proposal Submission Guidance Chart   
PI Transfer of NIH Awards to Division of Biology & Medicine at Brown University  
Obtaining User ID for NIH eRA Commons and NSF Fastlane  
Collaborative Research: Brown Policy for Hiring Consultants/Independent Contractors  
Cost Sharing: Brown Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects Policy
Cost Sharing: Routing Cost-share Form with Docusign  
Cost Transfer: Brown Cost Transfer Policy  
Direct Charging: Brown Direct Charging to Sponsored Projects Guidelines/Policies  
Effort Reporting: Brown Policy  
Effort: BioMed Change in PI Effort  
Faculty Departure: Brown Transfer of BioMed Equipment Title Procedure  
Faculty Departure: Disposition of Surplus Property Brown Policy  
Faculty Salary: Brown Institutional Base Salary Policy  
Federal Policy: Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards
Mentee: Brown BioMed Individual Development Plan Policy  
No Cost Extension: BioMed No-Cost Extension Guidance Procedures  
Prior Approval Requirement: HRSA   
Prior Approval Requirement: NIH   
Prior Approval Requirement: NSF   
Prior Approval Requirement: Research Terms and Conditions Prior Approval Matrix  
Prior Approval Requirements: Research Terms and Conditions Agency Implementation Statements  
Proposal Submission: BioMed Center Proposal Submission Procedure  
Proposal Submission: BioMed use of COEUS Hierarchy  
Sabbatical: BioMed Sabbatical Leave   
Sabbatical: BioMed Sabbatical Leave Memo  
Salary Budgeting: BioMed Salary Support Budgeting Policy   
Subawards: Advance Payment Request Policy   
Summer Salary: BioMed Summer Effort Commitment Policy