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In a year of upheaval, it seems more important than ever to recognize the people who have made a difference in the Division of Biology and Medicine. 

Sharon Moitoso, for patiently answering all my questions and always being kind about it! It is so easy to feel frustrated right now, and easy to dismiss a question or answer sharply; Sharon never has. Thank you!  -- Kathryn Boots, Neuroscience

Lisa Blangeard, Abbey Morse and Jen Brear - they seamlessly run the front office of the Office of Medical Education! -- Elizabeth Smith, OME

Jeff Kulie - who does an amazing job with the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC). -- Elizabeth Smith, OME

Telma Woodson and Janice Viticonte - who always step up to proctor our accommodation students! -- Elizabeth Smith, OME

Corinne O'Brien - for all you have done for OME this year! -- Elizabeth Smith, OME

The Animal Care staff and the cage wash team. They are the glue that keeps research going on a daily basis. They are here every day whether it is a holiday, snowstorm, or even a once a century pandemic. A lot of the time their dedication goes unnoticed. -- Phil Ross, CARE

Cailie Burns, for prioritizing the well-being of our team through this year of unexpected twists. She works hard to keep us informed, grounded, and connected to each other...and it doesn't go unnoticed! -- Amy Umstadter, BioMed Advancement

Kris Cambra - for having answers to random questions and always being willing to help. -- Amy Umstadter, BioMed Advancement

Jane Abolafia, Kelsey Nickerson, and Jhair Torres for always helping me in lab when I need help with protocols or just in general. You all are the best lab mates! -- Emma Shychuck, Neuroscience

Allan Tunkel, MD, PhD - Allan has been amazingly supportive and comforting during an extremely stressful period for everyone as well as through some significant changes within the medical school and I am extremely grateful for all his assistance and kind words. -- Sandra Adams, Medical School Administration

Jennifer Hadden - Jenn has been my go to person since I began working here in 2012 and has always had the most cheerful attitude. No matter her workload or my questions, her words and smiling face and assistance are so appreciated and I just wanted to let her know how grateful I am for that. -- Sandra Adams, Medical School Administration

Thank you to Jen Brear & Corinne O'Brien for taking on so much extra work the last few months! I know it wasn't easy but your hard work is appreciated by us all, and the students as well! -- Abigail Morse, Office of Medical Education

Thank you Lisa Blangeard for your constant effort and care for the Office of Medical Education, and for being someone always willing to help others no matter how full your plate is! -- Abigail Morse, Office of Medical Education

Thank you Jeff Kulie for absolutely crushing it with coordinating the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship, especially in a year like this! Your hard work is appreciated by all of us! -- Abigail Morse, Office of Medical Education

Thank you Elizabeth Smith for coordinating the behind the scenes work for IPE Day, it was an incredible task to turn this event virtual and your hard work made it happen rather successfully! So thankful to work with you every day! -- Abigail Morse, Office of Medical Education

Thank you to Lauren Perugini for always being willing to help and always having a positive attitude! -- Abigail Morse, Office of Medical Education

I would like to thank Liz Chen. She has been very supportive throughout the year, especially during the transition to working from home. She's been a great boss in a million ways and I am thankful for her support and guidance. -- Tarah Johnson​, Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics

Kris McCutcheon, Kris has done an outstanding job with my grants and grant applications! Kris rules! -- Jeff Morgan​, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology

Elly Peimer, Elly is a terrific manager and leader and always goes the extra mile! Thanks Elly! -- Jeff Morgan​, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology

Michelle Turcotte, for taking all of our what would have been in-person events and making them virtual successes! -- Mathew, BioMed Faculty Administration

Jess Bello oversees three PhD programs, Biotech, MPP and BME. I don't know how she does it! Thank you! -- Jeff Morgan​, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology

Melodie Vincenty, Melodie oversees the Biotech and BME Masters programs with too many students to count. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!  -- Jeff Morgan​, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology

Crystal Miller, Crystal makes the trains run on time! Without her efforts nothing could get done, thanks! -- Jeff Morgan​, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology

Max Wojnowski, Max spends my grant money! No supplies and equipment equals no research. Max thanks for making it happen and making it look easy! -- Jeff Morgan​, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology

I'd like to thank Stan on the CARE Staff for his consistent positivity, flexibility, and kindness even during these challenging times. Stan is SO helpful to our lab's operations, but even more than that, he's just such a nice person to interact with. Thank you, Stan, for making my days brighter! -- Sara Edmister, Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, and Biochemistry

I am so thankful to work in Dr. Robbert Creton's lab! Thank you, Robbert, for being such an extraordinary supervisor-- your kindness, mentorship, and enthusiasm for all things science is inspiring. I am consistently blessed by your patience and sense of humor! Thank you for everything you do. -- Sara Edmister, Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, and Biochemistry

Chelsea Reyes, for her commitment, professionalism, and friendship! -- Emily Green, Office of Faculty Professional Development

Thanking the Office of Medical Education Team at Alpert Medical School for all of their hard work during this difficult and challenging semester! -- Luba Dumenco, OME

Mark Johnson. He is consistently optimistic and supportive. He sets a great example for always sees the best in people. -- Jody Hall​, Biology Undergraduate Education​

Scott Rathbun. Scott is someone you can count on no matter what. -- Jody Hall​, Biology Undergraduate Education​

Michelle Leiber. Michelle always goes the extra mile to help students and faculty get it done - whatever "it" may be! -- Jody Hall​, Biology Undergraduate Education​

Debra A Scaramuzzi & Yanilka A Hernandez - I am thanking Deb & Yani because even with all the changes being implemented, they continue to still be so helpful and knowledgeable. I always know they will send me in the correct direction and do it while remaining positive and polite. I appreciate their help and direction remaining as a constant during this time of uncertainty.  -- Heather Carreiro, BioMed Facilities Planning & Operations

We want to express our sincerest gratitude for Michelle O'Brien and all that she does for our team and the whole Division. She leads with such positivity, always has time to listen and help, and never waivers on her dedication to her role and the people around her. We are extremely grateful to have her as our leader. -- Carrie, Sam & Rachel, BioMed HR

BioMed Facilities Planning & Operations & Stockroom Essential Onsite Staff- Thank you for being onsite to keep operations moving smoothly during this time of telecommuting! -- Heather Carreiro, BioMed Facilities Planning & Operations

Leonard Erickson - A most caring and helpful person who routinely saves our work routine, experiments, and procedures by his extra efforts in the stockroom and mailroom. -- Gary Wessel, MCB

Gilberto Del Valle - Biomed stockroom - consistently helpful, timely, and kind. -- Gary Wessel, MCB

John Murphy - BioMed machine shop - creative, helpful, and gives and extra effort to help solve problems - a super star in Biomed-land.  -- Gary Wessel, MCB

CARE team - for their unwavering dedication to the research animals during these challenging times. -- Lara Helwig, CARE

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BioMed FPO - for their ongoing support with all facilities related matters and for their assistance during the ramp down/ramp up periods. A special shout out to them as I know they have been impacted by the PAC construction project. -- Lara Helwig, CARE

Professor Nathalie Oulhen, Ph.D, for being the thing keeping the lab functional, for always listening and being positive, and for always being a mentor to all :) -- Alice, MCB

Nathalie Oulhen is one of the best mentors I have had the pleasure of meeting. She always pushes me to be a better version of myself. She is very patient whenever I don't understand something, or if I mess up some protocol. She is always there whenever I have a question, or need some advice on grad school. She is always smiling whenever I go to the lab or hop on a zoom call. Overall, Nathalie is an amazing person, and I am lucky to have her as a mentor and as a friend. -- Hossam Zaki, MCB

I was a high school Junior when I first met Gary Wessel, and he let a younger version of me spend a summer at his lab. I had probably emailed 75-100 professors to see if i could work in their labs as a high school student, and Gary was the only professor who agreed to meet with me, and take the risk of having a High Schooler work in his lab. Since then, Gary has always pushed me to be a better scientist. Always making me think about experiments and results differently, and with an open mind. Always pushing me to design my own experiments, and take matters into my own hands. Gary also encouraged me to try out different things, whether it be working in the UK over the summer, or taking a new approach to an experiment. I wouldn't be half the scientist I am now if it wasn't for all Gary has taught me over the years, and of course taking the risk of allowing a high school kid knock about in his lab. -- Hossam Zaki, MCB

Gerardo, Alice, and eStephany. You all are soooo helpful whenever I have a question about life, experiments, or western blots. Gerardo you have helped me with so many Western Blots, and have helped me understand concepts that I probably would never have understood. You all have given me so much advice on life, grad school, and everything really. So I appreciate everything. -- Hossam Zaki, MCB

Wessel lab for Happiness, but also many people like Purvang, Joan, Ann, Sarah, who bring even more happiness and smiles! I just like everyone!!! Thank you for your constant help and smiles! -- Nathalie​, MCB

Gil from the stock room! He is always in a great mood and it's nice to see a familiar, friendly, face.

Cheny Som - Simple: Cheny is the best, anybody with a brain knows that! -- Laurent Brossay, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Nick Fawzi -- Mandar Naik, MPPB

Elly Peimer -- Mandar Naik, MPPB

Dean Allan Tunkel and all the staff at AMS. You are all incredibly caring and provide support not only to our students, each and every one, but to each other. In these chaotic and tumultuous times, I know all of us in the PLME office (myself particularly) have relied upon all of you for support, guidance and good cheer. Thank you all for everything you do every day. Stay well and healthy, Juli -- Julianne Ip​, PLME

Denise Capoverde - Denise is the smartest, she always make sure that I do not do anything stupid, which is not easy! -- Laurent Brossay, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

PLME Staff: David Barnes, Mercedes Domenech, Judy Jang, Teresa McAllister and Rory Merritt. You are an amazing group of kind, compassionate, empathetic and caring people who give of yourselves every day. Our PLME students are SO very lucky to have you in their lives. I know I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful cadre! Keep being kind and know you are appreciated every day!!! With gratitude, Juli -- Julianne Ip​, PLME

Jumoke Dumont has been my all-star colleague and dear friend since I started, and I'm thrilled to be on this team with you! -- Chris Parish, BioMed Communications

Jonathan Calvert and Radu Darie. Thank you for staying all day and night with Billy. -- CARE

To Office of BioMed Communications, thank you for sharing this opportunity with the Division. During this difficult year, I am grateful for our colleagues’ understanding, support, patience and collaboration. -- Cailie Burns, BioMed Advancement

Christine Huntley, thank you for your partnership and for your invaluable input on our many collaborative projects. -- Cailie Burns, BioMed Advancement

BioMed Advancement team, thank you for everything! I count myself lucky to work on a team with such caring and hardworking colleagues! -- Cailie Burns, BioMed Advancement

Laura Kalafarski, thank you for all of your help with the lab video shoot and for always being willing to help! -- Cailie Burns, BioMed Advancement

Michelle O’Brien, thank you for your support and patience. I truly appreciate all of your help and your willingness to answer my many questions. -- Cailie Burns, BioMed Advancement

Roxanne Vrees and the OSA team, thank you for everything you do! I am grateful for your willingness to speak to our parent community and answer their many questions. You always go above and beyond to keep them informed, and I know they are truly appreciative of your work with their students. -- Cailie Burns, BioMed Advancement

Lenny Erickson: Lenny has diligently been delivering supplies to the lab for crucial research during pandemic. It is reassuring to see critical staff like him showing up everyday and doing their job. -- Shipra Vaishnava​, MMI

Seth Hovey: Seth has been amazing managing the animal care operations during this time, he is always there to help our researchers and making things available when they need it. -- Shipra Vaishnava​, MMI

Staff of the Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology.  These have been very trying times for the department, not only due to COVID-19, but also in ways that go well beyond the pandemic.  I would like to thank all members of the MPPB staff, Elly Peimer, Crystal Miller, Kris McCutcheon, Laura Bailey, Jess Bello, Melodie Vincenty, and Max Wojnowski for all of their efforts in keeping things running in the department as smoothly as possible.  I thank them for their smiles and upbeat attitudes, despite the stress, anxiety, and extra work that these times have brought.  Their work has made my life as department chair and the lives of the faculty and students in the department much more bearable during this time, and I want to express my deep appreciation for all that they do.  I wish them and their families safety and all the best for the Holiday season, and throughout the year to come. -- Wayne Bowen, MPPB

Joanne McEvoy, Marcy Walsh and Filomena Zani, AMS Admissions team. I would like to thank the AMS Admissions team for their outstanding attention to all details Admissions during this pandemic. They have gone above and beyond to give all our applicants the best experience possible to help them choose where they will be attending Medical School next year! -- Carol DelPico, Med School Administration20161104_COMM_fallcampus02.jpg

Sandra Adams - for doing an outstanding job of taking on a mountain of responsibilities during this pandemic! Her response to inquiries from me has been helpful and concise. Her attitude has been outstanding, especially learning new tasks with breakneck speed. -- Carol DelPico, Med School Administration

Biomed Facilities Planning and Operations; This entire group has been available to help 7 days a week. When CARE staff which works 7 days a week needs special assistance from the loading dock & stock room team, they never hesitate to say YES we can help you with that. When there is an issue with the facility and CARE needs additional assistance in problem solving the issue, anyone on the FPO team asks how they can help. From the smallest detail like how to contact a person immediately to lending an extra set of eyes on a facility problem, like when there was an issue with RO water and that could have possible caused a problem in special water supply. They have stepped up no matter what day or time and made sure CARE could keep functioning. They have been incredible partners throughout the challenges of this pandemic when there are less people around, this group has given extra effort to help however possible. -- Ann Beauregard-Young​, CARE

Geoff Greene, Jeff Fox and their many colleagues at CIS. For outstanding service and responsiveness during the iLabs implementation project for the Leduc Bioimaging Facility. -- Pam Swiatek, Biology Affairs

Mary Norton, Christine Conway and the entire BMRA team. For their knowledge, responsiveness, and professionalism. -- Pam Swiatek, Biology Affairs

Kristen McKinnon - I would like to express how thankful I am to work with Kristen in DPHB. She has been the absolute best person to work alongside in my almost 15 years at Brown University. She is always kind, respectful, understanding and encouraging to her staff. She is always asking if we need assistance in our day-to-day activities, to help in any way she can, on top of her own workload. Her positive attitude, motivation and willingness to learn promotes a wonderful working environment. Thank you Kristen for being such an awesome boss, person and friend!! -- Stacey Soares, Psychiatry and Human Behavior​

Advance-CTR Admin Core Staff for their continued dedication to our mission! I very much appreciate all their hard work. -- Heather Fournier​, Advance-CTR

Will Fairbrother, who years ago took me into his lab when the grant in our lab had run out of funds. He was an enormous support at a very difficult time, and I will be forever grateful. My sincere thanks, Will. -- Eileen Murphy​, MCB

The MDL Team. They never disappoint!! They always go the extra mile!! They happily take on new and challenging assignments without complaint!! They are an amazing team and I am forever grateful and thankful to call them my colleagues!! -- Kathy Patenaude, MDL

Elly Peimer - Thank you for being a great manager! I appreciate your positive attitude and support! -- Melodie Vincenty, MPPB

I'd like to thank Kim Abbott for helping me navigate all of the new processes in place. She's always helpful and has a positive attitude. -- Erika Tavares, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

I'd like to thank the CARE staff for continuing to provide great service during these difficult times. They have been extremely helpful and accommodating and everything they do is appreciated! -- Erika Tavares, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Tara Campbell & Megan Clark: renewing an IACUC protocol can be intense and complicated process. Tara and Megan were exceptionally wonderful to work with. Their guidance, responsiveness to questions, and patience made our recent renewal so much smoother. I'm thankful to have such supportive and helpful colleagues! -- Kristin Webster​, Neuroscience

Kim Killeen, whose warmth, kindness, help, perspective, and uncanny ability to find solutions (sometimes simply by her proximity) I have treasured for years and years. -- Yulia Strizheus, BioMed Dean's Office

I can't thank the BioMed HR Team -- Carrie Gridelli, Samantha Rathbun, and Rachel Yalof -- enough for the work they do! COVID-19 has certainly increased the workload exponentially and they have all risen to the occasion with a smile and "can do" attitude! While I know meeting so many increased deadlines and taking on additional work hasn't been easy, I hope they know how much I appreciate everything that they do! This team rocks! -- Michelle O'Brien, BioMed Human Resources 

BioMed & 70 Ship St. Stockrooms. The stockroom staff has been onsite every day supporting research operations. They are delivering mail, filling PPE orders. Additionally, the teams continue to ship and receive. We are so thankful for the teams and appreciate their hard work. -- BioMed Facilities Planning & Operations

Samantha Plouffe - Samantha has been an extraordinary example of customer service in supporting managers during the resuming research process. She maintains a calm persona while working through very tedious and time-sensitive processes. Additionally, she exhibits joy and enthusiasm in even the most mundane tasks. It is a joy to work with Sam! -- Denise Capoverde, MMI

Katie Sharkey and Kathy Haslam have made sure that the OWIMS community has continued to be strengthened throughout this "virtual" time. -- Kim Noble, BioMed Advancement

Cheny Som juggles competing priorities at a level that I have never seen. She also has exceptional attention to detail. Her unique skill set and her charming personality have helped MMI operate at an extremely high level of service and productivity. Cheny has earned the respect of department members at all levels -students, staff, and faculty. I am thankful for Cheny every day! -- Denise Capoverde, MMI

BioMed Stockrooms (BMC and SS) essential personnel have worked tirelessly to provide supplies (including PPE ) to researchers and staff as needed. Damien Trimmer and Leah McCue also deserve a shout-out for their outstanding work providing ongoing assistance to those faculty, students, and staff on campus. -- Barbara Dickinson​, BioMed FP&O

Kelsey MacKinnon - For working tirelessly and always with a positive attitude. For being supportive and inclusive as she encourages our team to grow. Kelsey capitalizes on the strengths of each of us and is always open to ways in which we can improve our processes. -- Jeannine Margolis, Brown University Oncology Research Group

The entire CARE team, especially the ACTs, VTs and Cage Wash crew. Each and every single day members of CARE show up and work so hard to further Brown’s research endeavors – 365 days a year, pandemic or not. They do so with compassion, grace, attention to detail and dedication to all of the animals at Brown. I cannot thank you enough for providing such amazing care. -- Tiffany Borjeson, CARE

Stacey Soares - So well organized, great with detail and always willing to above and beyond without hesitation! Your work ethic and professionalism are admirable. You are a truly amazing person and make every day brighter!!! Thanks for always keeping me laughing no matter what we face each day! -- Kristen McKinnon, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Maria Sullivan, Jennifer Maloney, & Andrea Goldstein in the Continuing Medical Education office have gone above and beyond to offer virtual CME while everyone has been working from home. Their creativity and flexibility have kept the standards high and increased access during a stressful time! -- Katie Sharkey, Office of Women in Medicine

Elly Peimer, Crystal Miller, Jess Bello, Melodie Vincenty, Max Wojnowski, Laura Bailey, Kris McCutcheon--Thank you for making the dept run so smoothly and making it look easy! -- Diana Horrigan, MPPB

Jana Benoit - I appreciate all your help with the extra purchasing approvals, keeping us compliant with the new PSA form, keeping our subject payment process running smoothly and help with the building signage & PPE! Thanks for being so helpful and positive during these challenging times! -- Kristen McKinnon, DPHB

Biomed HR Team - Thanks for always being so amazing and providing the best service with such positive helpful attitudes! You all rock! -- Kristen McKinnon, DPHB