Concentration Requirements

Please note: the Biomedical Engineering Concentration requirements were changed in 2017. 

Class of 2018 can use the old requirements. You can, however, switch to the new requirements if you prefer.  This will mean that (a) BIOL 0200/NEUR 0010 will not meet any requirement (b) Capstone II will be a required class in the spring of the senior year (c) ENGN 0510 or 0520 will meet a core engineering requirement and (d) you must choose upper-division BME electives from the approved list that will ensure you graduate with a minimum of 8 science classes and a minimum of 12 engineering classes.  Your AP courses cannot be used to meet this requirement.   

Class of 2019 and all future Biomedical Engineering declarations (i.e. Class of 2020) must meet the new requirements.