Previous Requirements (option for Class of 2021)

BME Undergraduate Concentration Requirements

Standard Program for the ScB degree:

1. Core Courses (all required):

  • 1. ENGN 0030 Introduction to Engineering (or ENGN 0031 Honors Introduction to Engineering) [FALL]
  • 2. CHEM 0330 Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure (or CHEM 0331 Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure (Engineering)) [FALL or SPRING]
  • 3. MATH 0190 Advanced Placement Calculus (Physics/Engineering) (or MATH 0170 Advanced Placement Calculus or MATH 0100 Introductory Calculus II) [FALL]*
  • 4. ENGN 0040 Dynamics and Vibration [SPRING]
  • 5. MATH 0200 Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering) (or MATH 0180 Intermediate Calculus or MATH 0350 Honors Calculus) [FALL or SPRING]*
  • 6. APMA 0330 Methods in Applied Mathematics I (or APMA 0350 Applied Ordinary Differential Equations) [FALL or SPRING]
  • 7. CHEM 0350 Organic Chemistry [SPRING]
  • 8. APMA 1650 Statistical Inference I [FALL or SPRING] (or APMA 0650 Essential Statistics or BIOL 0200** Foundations of Living Systems [SPRING])
  • 9. ENGN 0510 Electricity and Magnetism [FALL] (or ENGN 0520 Electrical Circuits and Signals [SPRING])
  • 10. ENGN 0720 Thermodynamics [SPRING]
  • 11. ENGN 0810 Fluids Mechanics [FALL]

2. Upper level bioengineering courses (all required):

  • 12. ENGN 1230 Instrumentation Design [FALL]
  • 13. BIOL 0800 Physiology [SPRING or FALL]
  • 14. ENGN 1110 Transport and Biotransport Properties [SPRING]
  • 15. ENGN 1490 Biomaterials [FALL]
  • 16. ENGN 1210 Biomechanics [SPRING]

3. Three Additional Upper Level Biomedical Engineering Courses:

Please note that these courses may not be offered all academic years.

At least 1 or more (ENGN Elective) from

  • ENGN 1220 Neuroengineering [SPRING]
  • ENGN 1510 Nanoengineering and Nanomedicine [FALL]
  • ENGN 1520 Cardiovascular Engineering [SPRING]
  • ENGN 1930B Biomedical Optics [SPRING]
  • ENGN 1931K Cell-Material Interactions in Tissue Engineering [SPRING]
  • ENGN 2910S Cancer Nanotechnology [FALL]
  • ENGN 2912R Implantable Devices [SPRING]
  • BIOL 1140 Tissue Engineering [FALL]
  • CSCI 1820 Algorithmic Foundations of Computational Biology [SPRING]

At least 1 or more (SCI Elective) from

  •  BIOL 0280 Introductory Biochemistry [SPRING]
  •  BIOL 0470 Genetics [FALL]
  •  BIOL 0500 Cell and Molecular Biology [SPRING]
  •  BIOL 0510 Introductory Microbiology [SPRING]
  •  BIOL 0530 Immunology [FALL]
  •  BIOL 1090 Polymer Science for Biology [FALL]
  •  BIOL 1100 Cell Physiology and Biophysics [SPRING]
  •  BIOL 1150 Stem Cell Engineering [SPRING]
  •  BIOL 1555 Methods in Biomedical Informatics [SPRING]
  •  BIOL 2010 Computational Approaches to Biology [SPRING]
  •  BIOL 2110 Drug and Gene Delivery [FALL]
  •  APMA 1070 Quantitative Models of Biological Systems [SPRING]
  •  CHEM 0360 Organic Chemistry II [FALL]
  •  CLPS 1520 Computational Vision or CLPS 1590 Visualizing Vision [SPRING]
  •  ENGN 2920D Environmental Technologies and Human Health (or ENGN 2910G*** Topics in Translational Research and Technologies [SPRING])
  •  NEUR 1020 Principles of Neurobiology [SPRING]
  •  NEUR 1440 Neural Dynamics [FALL]
  •  PHP 1510 Principles of Biostatistics and Data Analysis [FALL]
  •  PHYS 1610 Biological Physics [FALL]

4. Capstone Design (required - courses must be taken in Semesters VII and VIII)

20. ENGN 01930L Biomedical Engineering Design and Innovation [FALL]
21. ENGN 01931L Biomedical Engineering Design and Innovation II**** [SPRING]

5. Independent Research (one recommended)

22. ENGN/BIOL 1970 Undergraduate research and design project [FALL or SPRING]

6. General Education Requirement§ and other Biology Courses:

23. - 32. open electives at least four of which must be non-STEM classes 


* AP credit can not be used to satisfy a concentration requirement. Students with AP credit should take a higher level math course as a replacement.
** If BIOL 0200 is counted, a statistics module must be completed in ENGN1930L or other courses.
*** At most one of these two courses may be counted.
**** If a student is pursuing an honors thesis, Independent Study may be substituted subject to Concentration Adviser approval.
§ At least four approved courses must be taken in humanities and social sciences. The minimum four-course humanities and social sciences requirements for the ScB in Engineering cannot be met by advanced placement credit.
‡ Premeds should take CHEM0360, BIOL0280, and two biology lab courses including BIOL0800. Students with AP credit can replace the AP math course with CHEM 0360.