Courses by Research Track

The BME graduate program does not require students to take specific courses to complete their degree, with the exception of the BME seminar (BIOL 2230/2240), which should be taken every semester. The "2-2-2" course requirement is in place to supplement students' understanding of their ScM of PhD thesis research. Individual students should decide which courses are most appropriate for their background and research goals in conjunction with their advisor. To help with this planning, the below list shows courses that are commonly taken by students in a given track, as well as other general courses taken by students in any track.


BIOL 2140
Principles of Experimental Surgery
NEUR 2050
Advanced Systems Neuroscience 
APMA 2610
Recent Applications of Probability and Statistics
ENGN 2520
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
ENGN 2530
Digital Signal Processing
 NEUR 1680
Computational Neuroscience

Biosensors and Bioplatforms

ENGN 1930N
Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Neuroimaging
ENGN 1230
Instrumentation Design
BIOL 2110
Drug and Gene Delivery
ENGN 2910M
Biosensors and Applied Microfluidics
BIOL 1100
Cell Physiology and Biophysics
ENGN 1610
Image Understanding
PHYS 1610
Biological Physics
PHP 1970B
Introductory Optics


BIOL 1180
Comparative Animal Physiology
BIOL 1800
Animal Locomotion
BIOL 1870
Techniques in Pathobiology
BIOL 3644
Human Anatomy
ENGN 1370
Advanced Engineering Mechanics
ENGN 1400
Analytical Methods in Biomaterials
ENGN 1930N
Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Neuroimaging
ENGN 2010
Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics I
ENGN 2810
Fluid Mechanics I
ENGN 2820
Fluid Mechanics II

Tissue Engineering/Regenerative Medicine

BIOL 1140
Tissue Engineering
BIOL 1150
Stem Cell Engineering
ENGN 1750
Advanced Mechanics of Solids
APMA 1940L
Mathematical Models in Biophysics
BIOL 1260
Physiological Pharmacology
BIOL 2320A
Neurogenetics and Disease
BIOL 2840G
Small Wonders: Science, Technology, and Human Health Impacts
CHEM 1700
Nanoscale Materials: Synthesis and Applications
ENGN 2910K
Cell Mechanics
BIOL 1040
Developmental Neurology

Multiple Research Tracks

BIOL 2140
Principles of Experimental Surgery
BIOL 2050
Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell
BIOL 1120 / ENGN 1490
BIOL 2130
Techniques in Molecular and Cell Science
ENGN 2910G
Topics in Translational Research
PHP 2510
Principles of Biostatistics & Data Analysis
BIOL 1941E
Biotechnology and Global Health