18 Students Presented Master's Theses This Semester

May 1, 2019
Celinda Kofron
Thesis Defenses

Eighteen students presented their master’s thesis work in Biomedical Engineering this semester.

Zahra Ahmed (Advisor: Vicki Colvin)
Towards Living Nanoscale Sorbents: Using Microbes and Nanomaterials for Highly Specific Arsenic Removal from Diverse Waters

Havi AlGhosain (Advisor: Jonghwan Lee)
Effective gold nanoparticle delivery to the retina for plasmonic retinal prosthetics

Berke Buyukkucak (Advisor: Celinda Kofron)
A unique embolic protection device to mitigate circulating debris generated during cardiac surgeries

Alexia Ioannou (Advisor: Rebecca Burwell)
Control of perirhinal-dependent novelty exploration in rats by optogenetic modulation of prefrontal cortex

Marianne Kanellias (Advisor: Jeffrey Morgan)
Morphological Characterization of Vascular Toroid Building Blocks

Rosa Kim (Advisor: Edith Mathiowitz)
Phase Separation Phenomenon and Morphological Characteristics of PMMA/PCL Double Wall Microspheres

Justin Lee, Matthew Lo, Luke Morales (Advisor: Celinda Kofron)
Low Cost Lower-Limb Prosthetics For Amputees in Southeast Asia

Brian McHugh (Advisor: Joseph Crisco)
Accuracy of measurement systems for quantifying in-vivo wrist kinematics

Joshua Pangborn (Advisor: Alan Daniels)
Clinical implementation of a new technology: provider perspectives and perceived effects of an incentive spirometer patient reminder

Ryan Thorpe (Advisor: David Borton)
Characterizing M/EEG measures of pain through biophysically-principled neuromodeling and spectral event analysis

Casey Tierney (Advisor: Joseph Crisco)
Effects of Experience Level on Head Impact Exposure in Youth Football

Shirin Tooloee (Advisor: John Simeral)
Understanding How Cognitive Deficits Influence Motor Recovery in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

Gina Vimbela (Advisor: Anubhav Tripathi)
A Transcriptomic Analysis of the (Global) Response of Synechococcus sp. 7002 to Micro- and Nano-sized Polyethylene Plastic

Zhan Wu (Advisor: Michelle Dawson)

Ahbid Zein-Sabatto (Advisor: Jonghwan Lee)
Utilizing Three-Dimensional, Noninvasive, and Label-Free OCT Imaging to Detect Cellular Viability in Neurospheroids

Ning Zhang (Advisor: Arto Nurmikko)
A Pilot Near Infrared Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy System for Stroke Prediction and Diagnosis on the Neck