Two PhD Theses Defended Summer 2020

August 31, 2020
Celinda Kofron et al

Two PhD students defended their theses this summer. Their degrees will be conferred in October. Congratulations to the new Drs!

Lauren Hazlett, PhD
Franck Lab

Methods for Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Neutrophil Mechanosensing

Lauren joined the Franck Lab in 2014, her research focused on the development of accessible techniques and tools for traction force microscopy and the implementation of those techniques to improve our understanding neutrophil chemotaxis. Lauren is a highly organized and thorough researcher whose ideas and guidance were invaluable to the advancement of many projects in the lab. Lauren's perseverance in the face of multiple lab relocations spoke volumes to her character. Some highlights of Lauren's time in the Franck lab include: hosting many game nights and dinners, an awesome west-coast national parks road trip, rock climbing, and adopting a dog with a fantastic sweater. Lauren's presence in the Franck lab will be dearly missed, but we wish her the best as she moves on to the next stage in her undoubtedly outstanding career. -Harry Cramer and Mark Scimone

Stefan Sigurdsson, PhD
Nurmikko Lab

A Method for Large Scale Implantation of 3D Microdevice Ensembles into the Brain

Stephan was a valued member of the Nurmikko Lab. He was hard working, hyper-focused, passionate, and solved any challenges assigned to him. While in the lab, neither constantly diverging research projects nor fatherhood could dissipate Stephan’s bullseye focus. With these qualities at hand we are confident in absolute success of his next stage career. We wish you all the best and miss you already! -Dmitrijs Celinskis