Ileana Pirozzi ’18 Wins Brown University Distinguished Senior Thesis Prize

Ileana Pirozzi ’18 is one of five recipients of the Brown University Distinguished Senior Thesis Prize. A biomedical engineering concentrator, Pirozzi worked with Professor Anubhav Tripathi and completed an honors thesis entitled, “Design and Development of Microfluidic Technologies for Single-Cell and Rare Cell Isolation and Analysis.”

Students and Faculty Gathered (Again) for the Annual BME and Biotech Retreat

Graduate students and faculty affiliated with our Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology graduate programs gathered Monday, May 21st in Alumnae Hall to participate in design challenges, networking events, alumni presentations, and poster sessions. The event planning was spearheaded by Kareen Coulombe and infused with new ideas and goals.  The mission of the Spring 2018 BME and Biotech Retreat was to focus on our science with enhanced communication and collaboration between faculty and students, between research groups, and across our diverse disciplines for improving our community and advancing our research and training program.

Commencement Student Spotlight - Elizabeth Leary '09 PhD'18

“Unlike many other schools, Brown’s not really that competitive with each other.  We all do different things, so I could tell anyone my research in the program and ask for their advice and we’re all tangentially - we all know each other’s research without being afraid that someone else would steal or swoop your research. Everyone has their own niche, everyone has their own project, and their success doesn’t equal my failure. If they’re successful, that’s great.”

Commencement Student Spotlight - Rafael Gonzalez Cruz PhD'18

Dr. González-Cruz doesn’t just excel in the lab. He won this year’s Graduate Student Contribution to Community Life Award for his work with various affinity groups and student development organizations at Brown. --- After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, Dr. González-Cruz worked with the Brown Center for Students of Color and the Office of the Provost to receive students.  “I felt really powerless to help people back home because planes couldn’t really get there and food we were collecting here was getting stuck in the ports and not reaching people,” he says.  “This way, we could help some of the students involved to not lose their entire semester.”