Institute Team

Institute Team

Diane Lipscombe

Professor of Neuroscience

R. John Davenport

Managing Director
Adjunct Professor of Neuroscience

Chris Moore

Associate Director
Professor of Neuroscience 

Michael Paradiso

Director of the Center for Vision Research 

Eric Morrow and Julie Kauer

Co-Directors of the Center for Neurobiology of Cells and Circuits 

Michael Frank

Director of the Initiative in Computation in Brain and Mind 

Jerome Sanes

Director of the MRI Core Facility
Principle Investigator for COBRE Center for Central Nervous System Function 

Kathy Gerlach

Institute Manager

Deborah Murphy

Administrative Assistant

Mary Lavoie

COBRE Center & MRI Facility Administrative Coordinator

Ines Tomas Pereira

Research Development and Support Specialist