Brain Science Courses at Brown

The institute is focused on promoting interdisciplinary research and courses are overseen by affiliated graduate programs and undergraduate concentrations. However, a number of courses taught by Institute faculty are interdisciplinary, and therefore help promote the goals of the institute.

Applied Math
APMA 0410 - Mathematical Methods in the Brain Sciences
APMA 1070 - Quantitative Models of Biological Systems
(BIOL 1490)
APMA 1080 - Inference in Genomics and Molecular Biology

Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
COGS 0100C - The Two Visual Systems: Visual Perception and Control of Action
COGS 0110 - Perception, Illusion, and the Visual Arts
COGS 0100A - First Year Seminar: Computing as Done in Brains & Computers
COGS 0440 - Perception and Mind
COGS 0720 - Mind and Brain: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
COGS 1020 - Neural Modeling Laboratory
COGS 1380 - Ecological Approach to Perception and Action
COGS 1460 - Laboratory in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
COGS 1480 - Language and the Brain
COGS 1500 - Subcortical Brain Bases of Language and Thought
COGS 1680 - Human and Machine Learning
COGS 1840 - Neuroimaging and Language

Computer Science
CSCI 1430 - Introduction to Computer Vision
CSCI 1480 - Building Intelligent Robots
CSCI 1950F - Introduction to Machine Learning
CSCI 2370 - Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization
CSCI 2950J - Cognition, Human-Computer Interaction and Visual Analysis

ENGN 1010 - The Entrepreneurial Process: Innovation in Practice
ENGN 1220 - Neuroengineering
ENGN 1490 - Biomaterials
ENGN 1930 - Biophotonics
ENGN 2500 - Medical Image Analysis
ENGN 2520 - Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
ENGN 2560 - Computer Vision

ENGL 1560 - The Brain and the Book: Thinking and Reading in the Nineteenth-Century
ENGL 2560Q - Victorian Fictions of Consciousness

Molecular and Cell Biology and Biochemistry
BIOL 2290C - Neuronal Signaling Meets the RNA World

NEUR 0010 - The Brain: An Introduction to Neuroscience
NEUR 0190 - Seeing with Sound: The Biology of Bats and Dolphins
NEUR 0650 - Biology of Hearing
NEUR 1020 - Principles of Neurobiology
NEUR1030 - Neural Systems
NEUR 1040 - Developmental Neurobiology
NEUR1600 - Experimental Neurobiology
NEUR 1650 - Structure of the Nervous System
NEUR 1660 - Neural Basis of Cognition
NEUR 1670 - Neuropharmacology and Synaptic Transmission
NEUR 1680 - Computational Neuroscience
NEUR 1930A - Cognitive Neuroscience: Motor Learning
NEUR 1930B - From Neurophysiology to Perception
NEUR 1930C - Topics in Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Development
NEUR 1930D - Cells and Circuits of the Nervous System
NEUR 1930E - Great Controversies in Neurobiology
NEUR 1940A - Cognitive Neuroscience
NEUR 1940B - Neuroethology
NEUR 1940C - Topics in Visual Physiology
NEUR 1940D - Advances in Learning and Memory
NEUR 2030 - Advanced Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology I
NEUR 2040 - Advanced Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology II
NEUR 2050 - Advanced Systems Neuroscience
NEUR 2060 - Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience
NEUR 2120 - Topics in Visual Physiology
NEUR 2150 - Cells and Circuits of the Nervous System
NEUR 2160 - Neurochemistry and Behavior
NEUR 2600 - Human Neurobiology
NEUR 2930A - Advanced Computational Neuroscience
NEUR 2930B - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Theory and Practice
NEUR 2930C - Historical Foundations of the Neurosciences
NEUR 2930D - Topics in Computational Neurosciences
NEUR 2930E - Bench to Bedside: Unraveling Diseases of the Nervous System
NEUR 2940 - Advanced Topics in Neuroscience
NEUR 2940A - Advanced Molecular Neurobiology
NEUR 2940C - Mechanisms of Neurological Disease
NEUR 2940D - Special Topics in Neurobiology
NEUR 2940E - Synaptic Plasticity
NEUR 2940F - The Neural Representation of Objects
NEUR 2940G - Historical Foundations of the Neuroscience II
NEUR 2940H - Ethics and Skills Workshop

PSYC 0470 - Brain Damage and the Mind
PSYC 1750C - The Developing Brain
PSYC 1800 - Seminar in Animal Models of Cognition
PSYC 1860A - Topics in Visual Perception
PSYC 0750 - Principles of Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC 1040 - Genes and Behavior
PSYC 1840 - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Theory and Practice

PHYS 1610 - Biological Physics