Graduate Research Awards

Brown Institute for Brain Science
Graduate Research Awards 2016

The Brown Institute for Brain Science invites applications for one-semester graduate research awards for the Spring 2016 or Fall 2016 semester. These awards will provide the stipend and fees (awards do not provide tuition) of Ph.D. students pursuing interdisciplinary training in brain science. BIBS Graduate Research Awards are supported through generous gifts to BIBS including the Dana Fund, the Reisman Fund, the Frangista Fund, and the Macklin Bequest.

Brown Institute for Brain Science Graduate Research Awards are intended to support Ph.D. students who seek additional training and research experiences in order to conduct interdisciplinary brain science research. Priority will be given to applicants who will be in their 2nd or 3rd year during the period of the award and who propose innovative training experience that extend beyond the home graduate program. Such activities include taking courses outside the home graduate program curriculum or working in a lab outside the program to learn a new technique.

Priority will be given to applications that propose experiences that will bring new interdisciplinary approaches to the applicant’s thesis research or that develop new collaborations between laboratories. Applications that request support for students pursuing ongoing research in existing collaborations will receive lower priority.

Activities that help students link the life sciences (molecular, cellular, systems, or behavioral) and the physical sciences (mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry or engineering), or to bridge basic and clinical research are particularly encouraged. Some funding to BIBS is intended specifically to promote research related to neurodegenerative disease and we welcome applications in this area.

Complete the Web form application and attach a single pdf containing:

1.  A one-page description of the interdisciplinary nature of their research interests and a description of the proposed activities during the award period. 

2.  A one-page statement of support from the faculty advisor that describes how the student's course of study during the semester will advance their pursuit of interdisciplinary brain research and augment their training.

3.  If applicable, a one-page statement of support from faculty co-advisor

The deadline for applications is December 18, 2015 at 1:00 pm EST.  
Submit applications at

Applications will be reviewed based on innovation and creativity in the interdisciplinary research project and how strongly the proposed semester activities support the student's training goals. Awardees will be required to submit a one-page report describing their activities during the fellowship period within two months after the end of their semester of support.

Please contact John Davenport if you have questions.