Research Facilities

MRI Research Facility

The Brown University MRI Research Facility (MRF) occupies a 3000 sq. ft. research suite located in the Sidney Frank Hall for Life Sciences on Brown’s main campus. The centerpiece of the Facility is a state-of-the-art research dedicated Siemens 3 Tesla TIM Trio. The scanner is equipped with 32 receiver channels for significant gains in signal-to-noise ratio and acquisition speed. The MRI Research Facility provides infrastructure and support to facilitate research and educational activities using magnetic resonance imaging technology. The MRF is affiliated with the University's Institute for Brain Science and is a resource available both to Brown researchers and those at Brown affiliated hospitals. Ongoing research includes studies of brain structure and function in normal and clinical populations as well as studies of other body systems, non-invasive animal imaging and materials science.

Behavioral Analysis Core Facility

Our first of its kind fully-automated high-throughput rodent
behavioral testing facility integrates high-level computer vision, computer learning, and custom built hardware solutions with behavioral testing to automate tracking, cataloging, and analysis of both home cage behavior and standard rodent testing paradigms. The facility provides a key resource for basic and translational scientists to gain new and important insights into disease models that can ultimately be translated from bench-to-bedside. To provide a state-of-the-art facility where academic, medical, and industry scientists can generate and characterize preclinical models of disorders, test novel pharmacological and genetic rescue strategies in rodent models, and conduct basic scientific research. For more information, contact Behavioral Core Research Facilities.

University Facilities

Brown University and the Warren Alpert Medical School provide numerous other core facilities relevant to Brain Science, including genetics and genomics, transgenics, bioinformatics, computation and visualization, and microscopy. A listing of statewide core facilities is also available.