Center for Vision Research

The Center for Vision Research, part of Brown University's interdisciplinary Institute for Brain Science, promotes and facilitates research on biological vision, computational aspects of machine vision, visual disorders, and the brain mechanisms underlying vision. The CVR provides in-depth training in vision research to postdoctoral fellows, medical residents, graduate students, and undergraduates, and serves as a unifying organization spanning traditional departments, as well helping to bridge the gap between basic research and clinical practice.Vision Research at Brown includes over 30 faculty from 10 departments.

What sets the Brown vision community apart is the unusually strong interactions between departments, and especially between faculty members in more quantitative disciplines (e.g. applied math, computer science, engineering, physics) and faculty in more biological or behavior-oriented disciplines (e.g. cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology).  Our goal is to nurture multidisciplinary and translational research. Examples include theoretical studies of vision and visual plasticity in concert with experimental tests; biologically-inspired vision models implemented in artificial systems; and models of visual-cortical processing to address "high-level" visual deficits in developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Center for Vision Research in concert with the Institute for Brain Science supports the research of undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows through fellowships and a training grant.The research environment is enhanced by a CVR colloquium series, in addition to department-based seminars, that brings prominent vision researchers from diverse disciplines to Brown.