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Advanced Systems Methods Applied to Understanding and Treating Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders

Complementary lines of research aim to develop a basic science understanding as well as novel therapeutic approaches for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) disorders like hydrocephalus, Chiari malformation, and syringomyelia. The team employs state-of the-art in vivo and in vitro research methods to control and monitor the activities of individual neurons in living tissue in real-time. One line of research employs an animal model of normal pressure hydrocephalus to understand and treat cognitive deficits. The second line of research employs optical techniques to understand the roles of non-neuronal cells important for CSF regulation. Ultimately this research may yield a cure for CSF diseases.

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This image was captured from a movie showing the selective activation of choroid plexus cells observed in an awake behaving mouse using an EMCCD camera. Credit: I. More, E. Klein, E. Jang.