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Microscopic in vivo imaging of cellular and vascular dynamics

We need to observe both cellular and vascular dynamics, and their interactions as well, to understand how the brain works when healthy and how it malfunctions in disease. We develop novel technologies that enable label-free, micrometer-resolution, in vivo imaging of various cellular and vascular dynamics in the cortex of animal disease models. We also apply the technologies to better understand and diagnose brain disorders, including ischemic stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. For example, we characterize how microcirculation varies with different stages of the ischemic stroke with unprecedented resolution and scale, and trace microvascular and circulation parameters during development of Alzheimer’s disease to find novel early biomarkers.

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Label-free in vivo imaging of cellular and vascular structures and dynamics in the rodent cerebral cortex through the depth down to 500 microns. VW, vessel wall; VF, vascular flow; IM, intracellular motility; CF, capillary flow. Scale bar, 100 microns.