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"Neurograins" are untethered microelectronic chiplets forming a huge network of individual neural interfacing nodes in the cortex for active neural recording and electrical microstimulation. An individual neurograin on the scale of 100 microns in size integrates a radio frequency (RF) power-harvesting circuit, neural sensing microelectronics and sophisticated telecommunications solutions at the cutting-edge CMOS technology, and is hermetically sealed for long-term reliability when implanted. External electronics on a so-called “skin patch” enable wireless powering, real-time read-out of neural data, and write-in of neural modulation on a timescale of less than 1 ms from a thousand spatially distributed Neurograins. Key technologies for the Neurograins project include multi-disciplinary research for circuit design, microfabrication, integration & packaging, RF telecommunication, neural decoding and neural surgery.

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Concept for wireless “Neurograins” that will allow 1000-channel neural recording and stimulation