Training Postdocs


To contact all the members of the Executive Committee email:

If you are interesting in generally being more involved, helping on an individual event, or being on the executive committee, we welcome you to get in touch.

To contact members individually, please visit "About PIBS" for email addresses.

We manage an email list that we use to inform our members about upcoming social, scientific, and career development events. For current or future postdocs at Brown University only, to join this list simply click on our logo (below the left-hand menu) and then press "JOIN". Alternatively, you can visit or email the Executive Committee. If you are looking for more general information about becoming a postdoc in the U.S., the National Postdoc Association is a great resource. Those of us in PIBS do not play any role in hiring processes.

Members of the PIBSBrown google group may email the rest of the group at

Questions welcome!