New BRDD Specific Courses

In Wintersession 2015, a number of Dual Degree students came together and proposed a Group Independent Study Project (GISP).  The GISP was the result of the students experiencing what they conceptualized as a "gap."  Each institution offered specialized courses in their area of study but their RISD studio practice and Brown academics had largely been separate.  They hoped for "the time and space to intellectualize the world and get our hands on it," and desired an opportunity to work side by side and demonstrate how their thought processes across disciplines were informing each another.   

Beginning in Wintersession 2019, the Dual Degree Program began to offer a course that allows BRDD students the credit-bearing space in their curriculum to consider how their own studies and practices relate.  Students are invited to consider how the content, approach, and methods of what they are learning in studio integrate and correlate with aspects of their liberal studies.  

Fall 2019

BRDD Crafting The Space Between

Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (3 credits)

Professor Daniel Peltz ([email protected])
Meeting time: Thursdays 9:30am-12:30pm

Course Description

This hybrid, practice-based, seminar/studio is designed specifically for BRDD students to provide an intensive production and critique environment aimed at developing the space between the students' Brown concentration and their RISD major studies. Students will make artworks that investigate their emerging concerns within and across their study subjects, while building a strong interdisciplinary critique group and exposing these works to a set of experimental critique structures designed to support this challenging task. Experimentation with form will be encouraged as we explore ways of manifesting liminal areas of interest as 2D and 3D objects, models, performances, conceptual propositions, performance lectures, etc. The works produced in this course, coupled with the understandings and questions that emerge from the critique process, will provide a meaningful foundation for BRDD capstone presentations.