BRDD Orientation

Sunday, August 25, 2019 through Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Prior to the beginning of the fall semester, first-year BRDD students will move into their first-year residence hall at RISD. They will attend a special Dual Degree pre-orientation organized jointly by RISD and Brown and then choose a pre-orientation program to attend before the start of the RISD and Brown Orientations. First-Year BRDD students largely prioritize RISD Orientation, as they will be residents at RISD.  Students are invited to participate in first-year group activities at Brown during Orientation and throughout the year. Additionally, students will participate in Brown’s First Reading Seminar Program and in Brown's first-year advising meeting.  

2019 BRDD Pre-Orientation Schedule (pdf)

Orientation Options for Families of Students Attending BRDD Pre-Orientation (pdf)

RISD Orientation
Brown Orientation

Pre-Orientation Options

All BRDD first-year students must attend the Brown | RISD Dual Degree Pre-Orientation from Sunday, August 25, 2019 through Tuesday, August 27, 2019.  

BRDD students must also participate in Brown TWTP, Brown International Orientation, RISD POSE, or RISD Project Thrive.  Space is limited in these programs and students must submit their applications according to program deadlines. 

Year 2 Students

Students entering their second year in the program are encouraged to return to Brown with the incoming first-year class to take advantage of and more fully participate in Brown orientation programs as appropriate since this is their first experience living on Brown’s campus.  In addition, they are eligible to participate in some of the Brown first-year pre-orientation programs that they were not eligible for in their first year including:

Additionally, BRDD second years, are also eligible to participate in Brown Outdoor Leadership Training (BOLT), an opportunity geared towards Brown sophomores.  

BRDD Year 2 students gather the night before classes begin at Brown for a "Welcome Back" meeting over dinner.