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Research and teaching in Chemistry at Brown reflects Brown's innovative nature and is driven by the challenges of today's changing world. Discover how faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and postdoctoral fellows collaborate to pursue scholarship across chemical fields and the interface of chemistry with biology, medicine, physics, and engineering.

Brown Chemistry Ph.D. Virtual Open Houses

Interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Brown University? Join us for our virtual open house events where several current faculty will be available to answer your questions about our program, department, and the application process.

Wednesday, October 28, at 7PM Eastern Standard Time.  (https://brown.zoom.us/j/92692140704)
Thursday, November 5, at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time. (https://brown.zoom.us/j/93053965419)
Tuesday, November 17, at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. (https://brown.zoom.us/j/98898168438)

Applying to Chemistry at Brown:  
Applying to Chemistry at Brown: Our application is now available online. In October, you can start your application here.

Resources for incoming Chemistry students can be found here.


Brown’s website on 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) includes details on the University’s actions to protect the health of the campus community and general information about the virus.

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Recent Publications

"Colloidal Assembly of Au–Quantum Dot–Au Sandwiched Nanostructures with Strong Plasmon–Exciton Coupling" Y. Luo, Y. Wang, M. Liu, H. Zhu, O. Chen, S. Zou, J. Zhao J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2020
"Heterodyned photoacoustic effect generated by irradiation of single particles by two laser beams modulated at different frequencies" Yaqi Zhang, Wenyu Bai, Gerald J. Diebold Ultrasonics 2020 106 10.1016
"The Nature of the Chemical Bonding in 5d Transition-Metal Diatomic Borides MB (M = Ir, Pt, Au)" L. F. Cheung, G. S. Kocheril, J. Czekner, and L. S. Wang J. Phys. Chem. 2020 152 10.1063/5.0008484
"QMCPACK: Advances in the Development, Efficiency, and Application of Auxiliary Field and Real-Space Variational and Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo" P.R.C. Kent, A. Annaberdiyev, A. Benali, M. Chandler Bennett, E. J. Landinez Borda, P. Doak, H. Hao, K. D. Jordan, J. T. Kogel, I. Kylanpaa, J. Lee, Y. Luo, F. D. Malone, C. A. Melton, L. Mitas, M. A. Morales, E. Neuscamman, F. A. Reboredo, B. Rubenstei arXiv / Cornell University 2020 10.1063/5.0004860
"Comparison of the Base Excision and Direct Reversal Repair Pathways for Correcting 1, N6-Ethenoadenine in Strongly Positioned Nucleosome Core Particles" Caffrey P.J., Kher R., Bian K., Li D., Delaney S Chem. Res. Toxicol. / ACS Publications 2020