Geo-Chem MacMillan Safety Resources

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The Chemistry Department follows the safety regulations established by Brown's Environmental Health and Safety protocols

All students, visitors, faculty and staff must complete the required University safety training before working in the research labs or gaining building access.

Staff, Faculty, Postdoctoral Researchers and Visitor should contact [email protected]  to obtain a traincaster (training site) account.

Undergraduate researchers (volunteers or course credit) must submit the following forms to [email protected].  

Undergraduate Authorization Form 

Volunteer Release form 

The Chemistry Department Safety Committee

The Chemistry Department has an active Safety Committee that is comprised of student, staff, and faculty representatives whose goal is to foster an inclusive safety culture within the department. Our general meetings are a venue to initiate and communicate departmental safety items, including the development of new resources or processes. The committee meets at least once per term (Fall, Spring, Summer), and if you are interested in joining, please contact the committee chair (Jerome Robinson, [email protected]). 

Current Members

Committee Chair - Jerome Robinson

Staff - Eric Friedfeld, Al Tente, Sheila Quigley

Faculty - Amit Basu, Peter Weber, Matthew Zimmt, Paul Williard

Students - Janet Muzulu, Paul Caffrey, Lacie Dube, Kerry Casey, Ziyi Zhao, Stephen Kocheril, Jake Villanova, Catherine Machnicki, Shi (Steve) Xu, Zehua Gao, Cooro Harris.

Links to documents specific to the Geochemistry and MacMillan buildings.

Geochemistry and MacMillan Building Guidelines and Policies (Updated June 7, 2021)

The Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for the Geochemistry and MacMillan Buildings 

Geochemistry Building - Hazardous Materials Alarm instructions.

Directions for Emergency and Nonemergency Exposure

Reaction Safety Sheet

Empty Container Disposal

Maps showing the entrances and exits for the Geochemistry and MacMillan Building

Geo-Chem Control Area Information

Geo-Chem Maximum Allowable Chemical Quantity per Control Zone


Helpful personnel contacts:

Please take a moment to read the material made available on this page which will be updated as safety protocols are implemented.