Physical Chemistry

Research in theoretical and experimental physical chemistry includes ultrafast study of reaction dynamics, computational chemistry, molecular interaction in liquids, photoacoustics, and applications of chemical physics to medical imaging. The heart of Brown’s experimental research in physical chemistry is the use of multiple ultrashort-pulsed laser systems, allowing ultrafast time-resolved methods for electron diffraction, spectroscopy, and x-ray absorption.


Vicki Colvin

Nanomaterials synthesis, magnetic materials, environmental fate and transport of colloids, biologically compatible nanomaterials, magnetic and electrical imaging in complex environments.

Gerald Diebold

Photoacoustic effect, thermal diffusion, medical imaging, vibration potential imaging, x-ray phase contrast, radiation force spectrometry

Kristie Koski

Two-dimensional nanocrystals, energy & technology, thermodynamics in reduced dimension, single particle optical spectroscopy

Christoph Rose-Petruck

Ultrafast x-ray science, ultrafast spectroscopy of chemical reactions, medical x-ray and ultrasound imaging, x-ray microscopy

Richard Stratt

Theoretical chemistry, molecular dynamics in liquids, ultrafast spectroscopy

Lai-Sheng Wang

Nanoclusters, chemical structures and bonding, catalysis, cluster-assembled nanomaterials, multiply charged anions, electrospray ionization and solution chemistry in the gas phase, photodetachment, photoelectron spectroscopy and imaging

Peter Weber

Chemical reaction dynamics, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, molecular beam spectroscopy, multi-photon proceses, photoionization, photoelectron spectroscopy